5 Places To Shop From When Visiting A New Place

Visiting a new place is exciting and refreshing, no matter when you make the trip. It can be a new city, state, or country; trying to navigate a new place and experiencing a lifestyle just like the locals do is a once-in-a-lifetime feat! But that’s not always how things work out.

Often, owing to inadequate resources, capital, or utilities, one fails to make the most of their trip to the new place they’ve come to experience. However, a journey so far away shouldn’t go to waste. The least you can do is shop like the locals do! To truly experience the culture and local lifestyle, make sure to shop at places that get up close and personal with everything that you might wish to see in the new place. Wondering where to begin? 

  1. Street Markets

Street markets are a great way to explore what the city has to offer without having to move around too much (in case you’re on a tight budget). With an array of items on display, it’s truly a window shopping experience at its best.

You can get jewelry, clothes, and handloom items that are native to the place you’re visiting; decor pieces at such markets are not only cheaper but also more authentic. You can also walk around and get your hands on some vintage pieces of decor if the market hosts hawkers who deal with vintage items. Not just that! These markets enjoy the daily hustle-bustle of traveling visitors and hence, offer the best local delicacies at cheap to moderate prices for you to try.

Not only are these street markets easy on your wallet, but also a great experience to have. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the average range of prices for things online to avoid getting conned. 

  1. Handloom Sales

While markets may have some handloom shops, sales often happen entirely to promote and encourage handloom items. Handlooms are truly a one-of-a-kind item to invest in, especially if you don’t plan on revisiting the place. 

These items are sustainable and eco-friendly pieces, all crafted individually—no two pieces are alike! 

  1. Pawnshops

Pawnshops are often frowned upon, but that’s a thing of the past. New age pawn shops are reliable and, more than often, a gold mine! From antique pieces of decor to unique local finds, pawn stores might help you get items that you could never get at stores or shops in the city.

It is a must-visit destination if you’re a collector of vintage or antique items from places you travel to. You can even consider checking out websites, such as Pawn Kings, to access what you might find there. 

  1. Vintage Stores

Vintage stores host different kinds of items based on the place you visit. You might get clothes in one, furniture in another, and a mixed bag of items in the other one. With the growing obsessions of vintage-themed houses, closets, and furniture in modern and contemporary homes, these vintage stores are often celebrated and advertised online. 

Consider going to a vintage store if you wish to take a sneak peek into the place’s culture and tradition, and maybe you might find something you fancy too!

  1. Thrift Stores

Clothes are often on people’s shopping list whenever they visit a new place (always after home decor). Clothes are an easy way to look and feel the part of the new place easily. Not only does it bring some freshness to your wardrobe, but it also helps you travel to your destination without much luggage as you can simply wear what you buy!

Traveling is fun, and so is shopping while you’re walking through a new place! To experience the culture completely, it’s best to steer away from the malls and choose places that get you closer to the heart of the city.


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