Here’s The Quick Way To Fix Sticky Dirt Bike Throttle

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When you are riding your dirt bike, it can be quite tempting to go as fast as possible. That is why high-quality throttles are such an exciting thing for a lot of riders. 

However, some things can tick off a good time on the trail. One of these things is having trouble with your throttle sticking. While it might be tempting to just ride in a jerky fashion and hope it will loosen up, this is not the best method for dealing with the problem.

We have shared important tips regarding fixing a stuck throttle of your dirt bike. 

Have a look.

Sticky Throttles

Sticky throttles are a common problem for dirt bike riders. 

The dirt bike throttle sticks because it gets grabbed by the soil from the back wheel when taking off. This then makes your gas pedal stick since it is activated by cable inside the gas tank. If you look at a two-stroke dirt bike, the only way to stop it from sticking is to make use of a throttle lock pin. 

Other elements that can make the throttle stick:

  • Burrs
  • Debris
  • Dirt

Fixing A Stuck Throttle

So you’ve tried everything to fix the throttle of your bike, but it will still only run at half power. Well, don’t worry. We will guide you on fixing it. Here are the tools you will need:

  • Grease (like WD-40)
  • A scotch Brite pad
  • Few Wrenches
  • Shop towels

Let’s get started!

Separate The Tube of the Throttle

Start by removing the tube of your bike’s throttle and wipe the handlebar under the tube.

Then, remove all bolts holding your handlebar and the throttle tube. Then readjust the cable pulley attachment and finally remove the throttle tube and handlebar assembly. 

Light-clean The Throttle Tube and Handlebar

After you’ve separated the handlebar and throttle tube assembly of your dirt bike, light-clean it.

Get a shop towel and clean the handlebar first. Then dip it in the throttle tube and use the same shop towel to wipe the insides of the tube.

Always check the tube carefully for any damage. If you spot any, it is a good idea to replace the tube right away.

Clean The Throttle Tube and Handlebar

After light-cleaning the throttle tube and handlebar assembly, take the scotch-Brite pad.

Make sure to clean the throttle tube-handlebar assembly thoroughly using the scotch-Brite pad to eliminate any chunks, burrs, sand, etc.

Use Some Grease

Make sure to apply a single layer of Wd-40 or grease to the handlebar and throttle tube before reassembling the parts. 

Tighten the Bolts

The cleaning and greasing of the handlebar and throttle tube are now done. The next thing you’d want to do is to squeeze the bolts with a torque wrench. This will make your bike ready and raring to go again!

When you reassemble the handlebar and throttle tube, you want to ensure the tube is attached properly. If you slide the throttle tube too far against the handlebar, it will make it super tight — causing you issues while riding. Also, ensure that the tube isn’t touching the bark busters (should you have it on your bike) to avoid additional problems. 

Final Word

The throttle is one of the most important components of a dirt bike. It allows the rider to control the riding power. If your throttle is defective, it may affect how fast you can ride and may even lead to crashes. And the last thing you’d want in the event of a crash is not wearing proper motocross gear!

A defective bike throttle could also cause more wear and tear on other parts of your dirt bike as you have to rely more heavily on the engine.


Take cues from this article and take better care of your bike’s throttle!



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