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Choosing Stylish Necklace and Earring Sets for Plus Size Women!

If you find your selection limited in regular jewelry stores, try finding a store online that specializes in plus size jewelry. This way you get more to choose from and will have more options for mixing and matching necklace and earrings.

When is it Appropriate to Wear a Set

Sets make the best impact on special occasions. Having earrings as well as a necklace that compliment each other really give a visual impact that just wearing one piece of jewelry cannot do. Again this is where bigger women can experiment and go all out. Unlike smaller women who need to limit the amount of jewelry they wear at one time or risk looking weighed down, larger women can splurge and wear whatever they want without worry. So long as the necklace fits, plus size women can wear nearly anything their heart desires chains to beads and feathers.

Match Earrings and Necklaces When Sold Separately

If you cannot find a set or if earring and necklace sets or find that sets are more expensive, try matching pieces that are sold separately instead. You can buy pieces from the same collection made by the same designers which are more likely to match each other in material and style. But if you have a good eye for what looks good together, do not be afraid to buy from different designers or even different stores if you are confident the pieces will complement each other. You can do this by choosing jewelry in the same proportion, color and material. It’s a safe rule to match gold with gold and silver with silver. But sometimes rules are also made to be broken and some contrasting pieces look great when paired together.

Matching Jewelry with Outfit and Occasion

Generally you want something special for an event and definitely something you do not wear everyday to show off. Most people like being surprised and special occasions are the perfect opportunity to strut your stuff and be unexpected. This is why you can always buy something that catches your eye and save to wear it for a special occasion. For people who are with you everyday, seeing you in something new and stunning is a great joy for them. It’s refreshing and it is also a lot of fun. Earrings and Necklaces worn together bring the onlookers attention to the persons face and collar bones. You can also skip on wearing heavy makeup by just wearing the right set of jewelry to highlight your features.

Dress for the Moment Too

While there are some outfits, jewelry and perfumes that we hide in our closet just in case the opportunity arises to wear them, you should also not wait too long. A rule of thumb is never have something tucked at the back of your closet for more than a year just in case you are invited to a party. You are just cluttering your closet if you stuff the back with too many just in case outfits. Instead, just wear them.


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