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Your All-Important Guide to the Most Popular Tribal Tattoos Today

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Anyone who has ever had a tribal tattoo will be able to say that tribal tattoos have a special symbolism and meaning. Most of the known tribal tattoos today, such as Polynesian tattoos, Mayan tattoos, Egyptian tattoos, Japanese tattoos, and more have long been popular, regardless of the nationality of the person getting it. So, whether you’re thinking of adding to your existing tribal tattoos or are getting one for the first time, here’s your all-important guide to the most popular tribal tattoos today.

Mayan tribal tattoos

Even though the Mayan people no longer exist and haven’t existed for centuries, their influence has stretched to our preference for their classic tattoo style. Mayan tattoos were, in essence, a highly important part of Mayan culture, and what makes this kind of tribal tattoo so special is the fact that every little detail has a certain distinction and meaning. Some of the most popular Mayan tribal tattoo symbols include glyphs, animal and god symbols, symbols for earth, fire, air, and water, and symbols for the Mayan god named Kukulkan. But one of the most commonly seen Mayan tribal tattoos is that of the calendar Mayan tattoo, which is shaped like a circle and is comprised of different symbols. Traditional tattoos in the Mayan tribal style are in black ink, and some of the more complex styles are shaded.

Maori tattoos

Maori tattoos have also become quite a popular choice with many, and for good reason. The Maori tribe from New Zealand is famous for its tattoos, which are quite similar to Polynesian tattoos, and the body art of the tribe is actually referred to as ‘Moko’. Maori tattoos are complicated tattoos and every symbol has a distinct meaning. Traditional tattoos can cover the entire body, and this includes the face, the arms, the shoulders, the feet, and the back.

African tribal tattoos

One of the oldest known kinds of tattoos is the African tribal tattoo, which has a special symbolism to the African culture as well. As a matter of fact, traditional tattoos showcased the position of the person in their society, and they also showed the person’s tribe as well as certain details of that person’s life. Tribal African tattoos also have a purpose of protection, and the tattoos were believed to give the owner a special strength and power. Today, African tribal tattoos can be comprised of different designs, from African continent line work to animals found in Africa, landscapes in Africa, stunning black women, pictures of masks and figures, and so on.

Tribal tattoos have a long history and they have changed the way we express ourselves. You can definitely express yourself through your tattoos, and you can also make a more impactful statement with the right tattoo-inspired alternative clothing that showcases your preference, lifestyle, and personality.





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