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Tips to choose the perfect jewelry for first time buyers

Jewelry is one piece of fashion that not only adorns beauty, but also showcases the societal class of the wearer. This is why choosing the best jewelry for an occasion could be tough. Unsuspecting first-time buyers are also likely to get a lesser value for their money except they are able to discern between original and counterfeit.

For first time buyers in search of wholesale fashion jewelry, here are some tips:

  1. Budget

The purity of a jewelry is the main indicator of its price. Before commencing search for the jewelry of your choice, check your budget. Jewelry can be an investment when intended to be purchased for yourself, as you can always resell it in the future, but if intended to be presented as a gift, you only need to be more bothered about how important you want the receiver to feel. Also, make sure to check with different stores with good reputations to compare prices before settling for the best. It is paramount to get the best value for money spent when it comes to purchasing jewelry. You can also shop for name bar necklaces online that are affordable but made from quality materials.

  1. Double check the size

This cannot be overemphasized during the shopping for ring jewelry. Don’t guess, be sure. Get the exact size of the ring you want to get someone or yourself. A wrong size can ruin the day for everyone. The same goes for every other jewelry such as necklace. Consider the person’s physique to determine the best size. Long necklace looks good on some people for instance, while others look just fine on a shorter one, and others on both.

  1. Do some reading

Don’t go to the market as a novice. Reading contents about jewelry can aid in your purchase. Here are some things that could handy:

  • Carat: It is usually used to measure the purity of gold. This means if a jewelry stamp reads 375 aka 9 carat or 9K, it translates, the jewelry has 37.5% pure gold. this kind of gold usually has a light-yellow hue. Likewise, 990 aka 24 carat or 24K contains 99.9% gold, the purest gold you can access in the market, they are rarely used for fine jewelry. Gold jewelry is usually an alloy. It is  mixed with other metals to strengthen it and sometimes improve its color. Rose gold for instance is a mixture of gold and copper.
  • Grainer: This is usually used to measure the quality of a diamond. Four-grainer is equivalent to one karat. The pricing of diamonds usually increases exponentially as the carat increases. This is why it is not unusual to have the price of a one-carat diamond triple that of a half-carat diamond.
  • Sterling .925: This is a quality and popular silver jewelry material. It is durable and looks great without much maintenance. It contains 92.5% silver. When shopping for jewelry like this, make sure the .925 or Sterling Silver is marker on the jewelry to avoid buying an ersatz.
  1. Consider the skin

Jewelry is worn on the skin irrespective of the location of the body. It has to complement the skin tone as it is the first thing that is most likely to catch people’s attention. Generally, skin tones can be classified into two: warm and cool. To know which is yours, examine the veins in your arms. If it is bluish, then you have a cool skin tone, but if it is greenish, then you have a warm skin tone. For people with cool skin tones, some experts recommend wearing jewelry made of platinum or white gold. People with warm skin tones may want to consider yellow gold, yellow diamonds or other gemstones like ruby, citrine, and garnet. Aside from the warm and cool skin tone, some people can be classified as being neutral. People like this can decide to use any of the available jewelry. However, this shouldn’t limit your preferences. Go for the jewelry your heart bonds with most.

  1. Usage

The purpose and possible frequency of usage of a jewelry should also be considered before settling for any. Silver jewelry, even though it is a great fashion accessory, is best for occasional usage such as dinner nights or dates. This is because it is soft and can bend easily. If you are looking for something to wear more frequently, you may need to increase your budget and shop for jewelry made of gold. It is more durable. It however comes in different purity as highlighted earlier. The 9K gold is the cheapest in the market. 18K gold is more expensive. For something tougher, the Platinum can be considered. It can serve the forever purpose needed in a wedding ring.




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