8 Reasons Why You Need a Headband Wig 

If you often find yourself pressed for time in the mornings – rushing out of bed just to make your hair look presentable for your daily office duties – perhaps you should solve your hair care woes with a headband wig! 

While your typical lace front wig needs tons of prep work, styling, and maintenance, like applying wig glue or strong tape for adhesive, wearing normal wigs even sometimes results in headache, scalp and hair damage, or suffocation of the roots. 

On the contrary, the headband wig is easy to put on, comfortably secure, and truly protective. Here’s a little more information about the headband wig and 8 reasons why you need a good one in your wig wardrobe. 

What Is a Headband Wig?

The headband wig leaves little guesswork, giving exactly what the name states. The front of the wig is created with an elastic piece of material that looks just like a headband. Instead of fussing with pesky clips and fasteners, you can position this style of wig using the headband for guidance. Here’s what you should look for when choosing your option: 

  • Insert Combs: Be sure that the headband wig has enough combs to make the wig fit securely. 


  • Softness: Make sure the headband is made of soft, comfortable material. 

  • Size: The headband region has to be wide enough to fully cover your hairline. 

What Makes a Headband Wig Different?

There are several features that separate the headband wig from a normal wig or half wig. The elastic headband is gentle to your edges and scalp, removing the need to tie a scarf or bandanna for styling or use painful combs for fitting. 

They also don’t require tough chemicals or adhesives to stay put. You can also change them at a moment’s notice, which is amazing for convenience. (Note that if your headband is able to detach and attach to the wig, you have a half wig.)

8 Benefits of the Headband Wig

     1. Perfect for Beginners 

Are your hairstyling skills not up to par with your favorite celebrity stylist? No worries – the beauty of choosing a headband wig is that installation is super easy. The design of this wig style makes self-styling quick and easy. 

Whether velcro straps or combs, you can adjust your wig for the perfect fit without damaging the edges with excess glue. You also don’t have to worry about perfect positioning – the headband has you covered. In a matter of minutes, you’ll enjoy a salon quality style with half the effort.  

     2. Texture Friendly  

With a headband wig, you can explore different styles and textures with ease. You won’t have to worry about blending with the elastic headband giving you the option to leave your edges exposed or cover them. Whether your hair matches the texture of the tresses on your wig or not, you can still believably style your new look with no problem. 

     3. Protective Style  

Speaking of “covered,” the headband wig provides full protection of your natural, tucked away tresses. This wig type showcases a full cap, allowing you to decide how much your own hair to leave on display, if any. Your edges will also thank you for leaving the wig glue alone for a while.  

     4. Voluminous & Breathable  

While styles that have tons of volume sometimes look fake or unbelievable, when using a headband wig, you don’t have to worry about if the texture of your natural hair matches the texture of your wig tresses. You will also enjoy being able to rock long, full styles without feeling weighed down by your hair. Say goodbye to sweat and humidity woes – these wigs are breathable and combat perspiration oh-so-well. With waterproof elastic at your fingertips, enjoy fun in the sun with no sweaty edges.  

     5. Lightweight 

Not only are they breathable, but headband wigs are so lightweight that you might forget that you’re wearing one! They are in fact lighter than typical wigs, making them comfortable for ease of use. If you are not a fan of feeling trapped or overheated when you wear a wig, the headband wig allows you to be trendy and stylish without sacrificing comfort. No headaches, no sweat, no problem!

     6. Glueless 

Applying glue to a lace front wig can be tricky. The amount you apply has to be perfect, or you will be left with residue. Once you place your wig, if you make a mistake during the application, removing the wig right away to fix your error without damaging the lace can be difficult. The chemicals from the glue can even damage your scalp or your edges. Even cutting tape for adhesive takes time and energy. On the other hand, a headband wig requires no glue to stay on. With bands inside the wig, you can leave those pins alone and protect your scalp. Just throw it on and go!  

     7. Versatility 

One of the best features of the headband wig is that it provides so many styling options. Whether heading out for a night on the town, or opting for the professional board meeting look, this wig style is perfect for either occasion. You can use the adjustable straps as you see fit, leaving half of your tresses up or even in a fun messy bun. Whether a high pony or freely cascading, with so many fashionable options, it will become your favorite wig in no time. 

You can even have a rotation of several headband wigs, switching up the color of your headband with each new fun, flirty look. Whether a bold, jaw-dropping short look, or long, flowy tresses, your finished creation will be exactly what you envision for yourself. 

     8. No Commitment Required  

Have you been dying to try a new style, but find yourself hesitant about cutting or changing your real hair. Are you itching to try a new hair color, but worried about damaging your locks? With a headband wig, you can have fun with a new hairdo without changing your natural tresses. You can also shift between looks in the same day if needed with little effort and no cleanup.

How to Wear a Headband Wig 

Most headband wigs come with adhesive tape and bobby pins. Using these, you can easily adjust the wig to fit your head perfectly. Begin by adjusting the hooks inside the wig, or pull your tape belt tighter for a snug, comfy fit. After securing your natural hair, be sure to place the headband wig a few inches behind your hairline for a natural finish. Putting on a headband wig can literally be done in a matter of minutes. 

The Bottom Line 

Headband wigs are an easy and affordable alternative to expensive, time-consuming extensions. You’ll enjoy having a head of protected tresses as you wear a glamorous new style for all to see. Styling is quick and simple, there’s no glue required, and the possible styling options are endless!

When choosing the best headband wig for your needs, be sure to select an option that showcases 100% Virgin human hair. You’ll want a hair unit that is true to length, true to density, and offers minimal shedding. 

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