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How to Pick the Best Watches For Women     

Buying a new watch can be overwhelming, especially when you get confused looking at so many different watches. The market is swamped with watches like Chronograph, Smartwatch, Digital, and many more. In the last decades, wristwatches have become so popular among women. Watches for women have become a style signature to add according to the occasion and dress.

However, while searching the internet for watches, you may be puzzled about which watch will suit you best. This article will help you to pick the best watches for women in the market.


Guide to Selecting the Perfect Watches for Women in the Market:

Match the Watch to the Personality

The watch should match your style; for instance, if you are outdoorsy, choose a watch that can function in the field of work. There is so many watch style you can consider.

Most popular style watches for women include:

Casual watches: The dial has a broad face that is easy to see the time and often comes with leather straps. It is every day for casual wear. 

Dress watches: Generally worn at formal events, watches have gems and have premium looks. These watches have beautiful metal bands. Formal watches are highly versatile and are styled for different events.

Sports watches: These watches are made for outdoor purposes. The straps are rubber and have a digital interface and a timer.


A watch should enhance the complexions of the wearer. Nowadays, watches have metal watchcase casings that safeguard the delicate mechanism from water and sweat. Stainless steel has become hot in the market, and to make it an elegant and classy look, women prefer rose gold or silver watches. These colors are most suited for women’s complexion. For Black lovers, undoubtedly, it will give you a classy and expensive look. Choosing a watch that matches your skin tone will intensify your look. Silver or white gold is the best for cool skin tone, and rose gold is best for warm skin tone women.


The wearer’s age has a crucial impact on the style and color. If you want a watch for your mother, choose a watch with a small dial and leather straps to match her style. On the other hand, for youngsters, you can select a watch as per their favorite color with gemstones. She will love a fashionable watch to suit her style.

Shop Branded Watch

Branded watches for women are high-quality timepieces. The advantage of buying a branded watch is you will get a warranty on that product for an extended period. Moreover, you will get the best look from that segment and last long even if you use it regularly. There’s nothing more pleasurable than using a branded watch.

Dial Size

The normal size of the case width that women prefer is 34mm in small sizes. But with the last trend, some women love 60mm dial cases. If you are a fashionist or love to carry style statements, you should buy big face watches. Else you can stick to the small dial watches. Taller women can carry a large dial with a broad strap to match their appearance. Women with small wrists should opt for a small dial to enhance their look.


Whether you are planning to gift a watch or buy a watch to update your style, it is essential to know the priority. If you are a first-time buyer unsure of the style, it’s best to buy a classic model. They are timeless piece and suits both casual and formal style. Watches for women are the fashion statement that upgrades their look. The watch creates an eye-catching and dazzling effect.


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