4 Easy Ideas to Make Your Front Door Entry Look More Attractive

We all know that a front door is the first thing people see when they come to your home, but did you know it’s also the last? Yes, the last impression people get of your home as they leave is from the front door. So why not make it count? A little attention goes a long way to ensure that your front door looks inviting and stylish. Here are five easy ideas for doing just that.


Get Your Steps A Makeover

If you want to make a significant change, consider replacing the steps on your front door with something else. The options are endless. 

You could:

  • Replace your current set of steps with another material. For example, if your existing concrete steps are worn or cracked and need to be replaced, why not just use wood? It’s cheaper than concrete and much more attractive!
  • Change the color of the step material. If you have wooden steps now, you could paint them red or yellow instead of sticking with their natural color—everyone will notice!
  • Switch up the shape of your front doorstep area. Instead of having two sets of stairs leading up to your home like most people do these days, you could add some curves into things by making one side into a semicircle instead. It’ll look fabulous!

Use Metal House Numbers

Metal house numbers are more durable than plastic and can withstand more wear and tear. They’re also easier to clean, which makes them the perfect choice for homes with active kids or pets.

Finally, metal house numbers look better than their plastic counterparts. This is because they can be custom-printed in almost any color or design you want—from rusty browns to bright pinks—without sacrificing durability or cost-effectiveness.

Drop the Boring House Number Designs

Modern fonts can be clean, bold, and stylish. Think about what your house number looks like now. Consider updating it with a more modern font if it’s plain and boring.

Another option would be to go bold with your choice of font. A simple way to do this is by selecting one that’s already unique or eye-catching—like cursive writing or script instead of standard block letters—and then making them larger than normal so they stand out from other house numbers on your street.

Lighting Makes A Big Difference

As you approach your front door, lighting can make all the difference in how you feel about your home. Use the lighting at the entrance to highlight your entryway and draw attention to the front door—or use it to create a welcoming atmosphere, safe environment, or peaceful environment. You can strategically use decorative lighting around your home’s entrance area. For example:

  • Place pendant lights above each step leading up to the front porch, illuminating every step as guests walk up. This will also help them avoid tripping over rocks or uneven ground.
  • Hang rope lights in an arch above the doorway so they cast a soft glow on both sides of it when lit during nighttime hours. This will help draw attention toward what’s waiting beyond that door – inside or out.

The key is to mix and match until you achieve an impeccable entrance look and feel. 

Final Word

Turning your front door from drab to fab doesn’t take much. There are so many ways you can spruce up your front entrance. We hope these tips will help you create a beautiful entranceway that welcomes your friends and family while adding charm to your home’s exterior. So don’t hesitate; start implementing the tips today!


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