Chinese Dao Swords: Understanding the Different Types

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Chinese swords are popularly known for their unique design. They’re some of the most sophisticated and brilliant swords you can ever find. Being single-edged, Chinese Dao swords are primarily utilized for slashing and chopping. So, if you’re looking for a sword that’s both stylish and efficient, make Chinese Dao your top priority. Here are the most popular types:

Tang Dao

The “Tang Dao” typically features a narrow blade, long handle, as well as, a small tsuba. The shape originated from the Han Dynasty’s ring swords. This army sword is mainly designed for fighting. It follows a strict production process that takes into consideration important aspects, such as sunder armor, as well as, durability.  The cutting edge is narrow and utilizes the most advanced cladding technology.

Wrought iron is utilized as the outer skin whereas the middle part is made up of multiple-refined steel. On the other hand, the partial cutting edge employs partial quenching technology. The blade’s toughness isn’t deformed and it’s also highly durable.

Chinese Broadsword

Chinese broadsword is single-edged and features a wider blade. It’s one of the most popular types of traditional Chinese Dao swords. Broadswords generally come in numerous lengths, so you always rest assured that you’ll find a sword that perfectly suits your needs.  

Whether you need a short or a long sword, you’ll readily get it. This flexibility allows you to purchase a weapon that’s both comfortable and well-suited to your specific situation.

Qing Dao

The Qingdao sword is very popular in the Qing Dynasty. Its shape can be influenced by the cultural exchanges of various countries. It’s a common cavalry and infantry weapon featuring a single-edged and slightly-handled blade. Plus, it’s a sturdy weapon that’s suitable for chopping and slashing.

It’s also important to note that Qing Dao features an antique design that’s explicitly unique and inspiring. It’s a true definition of ancient Chinese culture. So, if you’re so much into the Chinese culture, this sword is the best bet for you.

Jin Shi Swords

Although Jin Shi is a Canadian-based sword, it has fostered deep relationships with the Chinese community. Both communities have joined efforts to design unique swords that surpass the performance of well-made antique designs. It’s designed using engineered steel while also retaining the thoughtful design inherent in antique models.

Chinese Beaters

These swords have an attractive appeal. However, most martial artists don’t like using them because they’re too heavy. The Gim Sword is one of the most popular types of Chinese beaters. It’s fearsome and incredibly durable. If you’re looking for an attractive sword that delivers optimal performance, then settle for the Chinese beater. Not only is it efficient and durable- it’s also very efficient and affordable.

The Bottom-Line

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can always find a sword that perfectly suits your desires. Chinese Dao swords are available in several types, designs, and sizes. So, you can’t possibly run short of options. Plus, they’re highly efficient and durable. Just be sure to choose one that won’t break your bank. 


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