The Most Effective Tools to Foster a Remote Work Culture

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the remote work culture is starting to emerge in the corporate world. On one hand, this new way of working is protecting us from the omnipresent virus, and on the other hand, the limitations of this new working system are becoming visible. Remote work culture is a topic of discussion in the pandemic era. But what do we understand by remote culture? And what is its importance? Let us know about the remote work culture and the tools that help foster it.

What is Remote Work Culture?

Simply put, remote work culture is a company’s employees sharing a bonding even if they do not meet regularly, with the help of similar interests or priorities. To check out an example of an employee portal you can go through MyHTSpace which is an employee portal for the employees of Harris Teeter. The characteristics that influence a remote work culture are:


The technology used by the company makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of its work culture. A suitable technology or a blend of various technologies combined makes working easy and quicker for the employees.

A Growth-Oriented Mindset


The work culture of a company should be welcoming and growth-oriented for the employees. This makes them feel connected to their company and their colleagues so that a strongly bonded team is created.


Employees need their space and freedom while working. The sense of flexibility helps them work with ease and their creativity flows in the right direction and with the right speed. Along with the work-from-home culture, remote isolation has also become a growing problem. Although, because of the remote work culture, employees feel a connection with their co-workers. Moreover, when you work with a well-bonded team for a long period, you create long-term relationships with them.

Tools For Video Meetings:


Any company needs to conduct team meetings and client meetings regularly. Under the remote work culture, conducting these meetings can become a little hectic. Although tools like Zoom can come to your rescue. Zoom became the hero of remote work culture during the covid times. All corporates held their work meetings on Zoom. With its recording feature and multi-screen sharing, it has become a significant tool for the remote work culture.



Even if zoom has taken over the era of Skype, it is still used by a large number of corporations. It is compatible with cross-device, multi-screen sharing and free of cost video conferencing tool.

Tools For Communication and Chats:


The best thing about Google Hangouts is that it has seamless integration with other software from the G Suite. It doesn’t need high-speed data to work, so you can access it from anywhere and communicate regarding the office work.


Slack is a leading software used for corporate chatting purposes. It is extremely easy to install and has features like direct messaging, various channels and integration, and files and attachment sharing.

Tools For File Storage;

Google Drive


It is impossible for someone to work in the corporate world and not know about Google Drive. Even college and high-school students these days use Google Drive. It is a tool to save and share files along with the facility of real-time editing.


Dropbox is a software that provides cloud storage for storing your files. You can upload your files to dropbox and your files can sync faster. All you have to do is save your files in dropbox, and your job is done. 

Microsoft One Drive

Microsoft OneDrive provides a similar storage facility. Although, you are supposed to buy a subscription to Microsoft One drive in order to use this facility. Along with the storage, it also provides 60 minutes of international Skype calls and the whole Office 365 Suite facility. 

Tools For Project Management and Productivity:


Trello is an app that helps you in project management. You can list down your tasks on the cards of the lists and categorise them. You have to work on the boards that are divided into lists. 


Todoist is a task management tool, where you can add tasks, to-do lists and reminders and sync all the employees’ devices on the app. You can prioritise the employees’ tasks, write comments for them and set due dates for the given tasks.


Scoro being a business management tool provides solutions all combined in one app. Resource allocation, budgeting, CRM, financing and other such aspects can be handled on Scoro.

Tools For Attendance:

Handling attendance for a remote workspace is a task in itself. Although, has made this task simpler. You can operate a digital attendance sheet and a timesheet where employees can punch in their in and out time from anywhere and from any device.

Companies can also create their own online portal. For example, you can check direct2hr Safeway login which is an employee portal for the employees of Albertson, Safeway, and many other companies. 

To Sum Up!

Remote Work Culture is the future of corporate working. Hence, to handle the working and the employees a lot of tools are being created. Using these tools, working remotely becomes easier and convenient for the employees as well as the companies.


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