How to Shrink Wrap with Packaging System?

A proper packaging enables the items inside to stay safe and protected without getting destroyed. While the concept of packaging is not something new, the term shrink packaging is something new. The Shrink Packaging system is basically to repackage an existing packaging. There are several ways to do so which we will be focusing on in this very article. The entire process of shrink packaging is done by the shrink machine.

The entire procedure of shrink packaging is primarily divided into two steps:

  1. First the packaging is firmly wrapped from all sides with plastic film. It then stitched to give it a more firm structure.
  2. In the second step, the entire plastic wrapped package is passed through a heat chamber. This is done to ensure that the plastic around the package shrinks and stays in place.

The different variants

There are primarily three different variants of shrink wrap packaging which are mentioned below:

With shrinking film

In this specific type, the plastic that is used for the packaging purpose has a shrinking nature. This is helpful because when it is passed through heat, it molds into the shape it is wrapped around. This ensures a better packaging and firmer structure. The electric or steam machines are used for the smaller packages. The bigger packages are passed through heat tunnels.

With Plastic film

This is not much different from the prior type. This also follows the same steps of being wrapped around the package. It is then followed by passing through a heat chamber to seal the plastic around the packaging.

With stretch film

The use of stretch film is much more prevalent than that of the plastic films. It is because they are much more elastic and stretchable. Due to the good property of adherence, there is no requirement for any kind of extra heat exposure to ensure the proper adherence. This type of shrink film packaging is mainly used in the food packaging industry.

How to ensure proper packaging of the goods?

While the shrink machine and its work are flawless, there are a few things that should be kept in mind. We have listed some of most important clauses that should be looked into to ensure the best packaging.

  • The proper stitching of the films covering the packaging
  • There should be perfect amount of air inside the package to avoid any kind of damage to it
  • The amount of heat used for securing and sticking the film should not cross the optimum temperature

What are the advantages of shrink packaging?

Some of the primary benefits of shrink packaging include:

  • Helps in incorporating multiple packages into one
  • The product stays protected and clean
  • Restricts the opening of any of the packages
  • Helps in keeping the moisture intact in food packages
  • It is easier for portability and transportation

The shrink packaging is gaining a lot of popularity over the years because of the advantages that it has. In comparison to the normal packaging, this sure does stand out. You can even visit this site for more information about shrink machines.



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