Caution You Should Take When Buying and Flying Drones

The feeling of buying your drone is exciting. You’ll be able to fly your unmanned carrier in the sky and capture some breathtaking shots. But this does come with some responsibilities that you need to take care of. In this article, learn about the caution you should be taking when buying and flying your drones.

Look for the Flying Range

Most first-time buyers under-emphasize the flying range. But it’s vital for safety for both the drone and nearby people.

If your drone goes out of the flying range, it will either crash or land safely on a nearby surface, depending on how it is programmed.

So when you’re flying your drone, you wouldn’t necessarily want it to crash and go missing. Some drones have a flying range of only 100 meters. In comparison, other drones can extend this to 6-7 kilometers without malfunctioning.

Don’t Overlook Autonomous Features

Most people focus on cameras, memory, weight, battery life, and compactness when purchasing a drone. While those features are indeed important, you should also look for the autonomy of the drone.

When flying in autonomous or semi-autonomous mode, these can detect obstacles in their way and take measures to prevent them. So they will avoid bumping into something if you miss them on your screen.

Furthermore, if drones go out of range, they will automatically land at a safe place. With the GPS data, you can later track them down.

Practice Before You Fly to Distant Places

If you’re flying it for the first time, then you should get acquainted with the process. Just like you learn to drive before you drive your car on roads, you should learn to fly your drones.

This is also true for a new drone that you may purchase. The drone industry is still non-standardized. So each manufacturer follows, more or less, a different control system. It would help if you got acquainted with it before you fly.

You can start flying in your backyard. During the entire time, it should be within your range of vision.

Fly Legally

Before flying a drone, you should consider the legal side of things. Every state has its UAV flying laws. You must be within the right side of the law to avoid legal complexity.

As a general rule, you should avoid flying your drones over or near sensitive places like military bases, police headquarters, banks, government buildings, etc. Some tourism spots have also restricted the use of UAVs.

You should follow the Federal Aviation Administration’s flying guidelines for recreational drones. It supersedes the local and state laws. If you’re planning to fly commercially, then you should follow the commercial guidelines instead.

Respect Privacy

As you’re having fun flying the drone in your neighborhood, it’s essential to respect the people’s privacy. Many individuals are concerned that drones are used to keep an eye on them. 

It’s also a concern for people who visit the parks and see the drones flying around. While there are no strict rules in place, you should avoid flying your drones into others’ spaces. If they feel threatened by the drones flying around them, they may call law enforcement agencies.

In conclusion, it’s better to refer to the UAV flying laws in your locality. If you have a flying club, you can talk to the members about the rules and tips. The goal is to keep drones safe for all.


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