What’s New with The Samsung The Frame TV this 2022?

The Samsung the Frame TV is a high quality 4K TV that boasts of realistic gallery-level work of arts (Art Mode) on the screen when it isn’t active or in use. This high-end TV by Samsung is far from looking like a screensaver or placeholder, as the combination of high-quality, high-resolution art, no-glare glass, and light sensor makes the TV adapt to your room. It can easily camouflage itself better than a CIA agent hiding in plain view.  

Although there are a lot of free artwork you can display on your Samsung the Frame TV, you can add your own artwork as well. However, it is advisable to sign up for the Samsung Art Store so you can have a plethora of art options available to you and your space any time you want to switch up the look of your home. 

What’s New with the Frame TV this 2022?

The Frame TV’s 2022 version doesn’t come with a revolutionary design, and there’s not really a lot of innovation over the 2021 version. However, Samsung has definitely made a couple of changes that have improved it. A few notable changes include the reinforcement of a more glare resistant glass, the addition of an optional rotating wall mount. 

Samsung Frame TV 2022: Art Mode

What makes the Samsung the Frame TV unique from all other televisions is its Art Mode feature. Some TVs may be marketing a “Gallery Mode” feature, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the Frame TV’s “Art Mode”. When the Frame TV is at rest and not being used to play movies or videos, you can still enjoy it in Art Mode where you get to view high-quality and high-resolution works of art or photos. 

The light in the Frame T is designed so that when it is in Art mode, it doesn’t glare or brighten. It simply blends into any room or space seamlessly, which makes it easy to mistake this TV is actually just a painting hanging on your wall. Its new anti-glare coating also does wonders. 

The screen also has a built-in light sensor that adjusts its output constantly, so the art is always viewed in its best light. This means that even if there is a lot of sunlight coming in and filling the room, the displayed art will appear realistic. When everything sets in, the TV adapts and displays a dimmed version of the artwork that still complements the appearance of the room, sans the bright glare. 

Just like real art, Samsung the Frame TV is customizable. You can add a matte and even change the color of the matte easily on the app or the TV. 

Can You Add Your Own Photos to the Frame TV?

Unlike many copycat competitor TVs, you can add your own art and photos or download videos or artwork (UHD and/or 4K) from third party websites with the Frame TV. You can also upload your own photos using the smart things app, and thanks to major improvements to the previous Frame TV version, this is now a lot easier to do and is virtually bug-free! Enjoy adding some of your precious family or vacation photos and displaying them on your TV. 

Improvements on the Multi View Function

The previous version of the Frame TV also had the Multi View feature, but the 2022 version has some noteworthy improvements on how you interact with this feature, making it a lot more user-friendly. Despite that, it’s remains a bit clunky until you figure it out. 

The Multi View function lets you watch what’s on the Frame TV and your mobile on the same screen at the same time. It can also show you two different HDMI sources or even include YouTube in as well. Another good thing is that you can fully adjust and customize screen sizes and configurations. 

The Multi View works quite well, even though it was a bit confusing to set it up and adjust. There are some tutorials on how to set up and use the Multi View feature on YouTube. 

Additional Improvements: Listen to Music in Art Mode!

One of the most common complaints people had about the 2021 Frame TV is that people had no way to listen to listen to music while the TV was in Art Mode. All you had was an album cover on the screen. Fortunately, with the 2022 Frame TV, Samsung gives us more options for funky, ambient music effects. 

For one, you’re now able to use Art Mode and stream music from your phone at the same time. All you have to do is connect your phone via Bluetooth to the Samsung the Frame TV, and once it connects, you’re given an option to listen with Art Mode.

You also have an option called Music Wall which shows you moving graphics. These graphics give the illusion of the graphics changing at will. It is unclear if these graphics are customizable or not. 

Conclusion: Overall Review on the 2022 Frame TV

All in all, the Samsung the Frame TV is a good TV with really top-notch features. Art Mode will become a constant fixture in your home, and you and your family will have fun switching up the artworks from time to time. You’ll have guests tricked into thinking that the wall art is real, until you reveal to them that it’s actually a great quality 4K TV!

The video quality for the Frame TV is highly satisfactory especially or movie nights, basketball games, baseball games, and just bingeing on your favorite TV shows and programs. 

Improvements to Screen Mirroring, Multi View and the new setting that allows you to play music on Art Mode are so worth it. 

The new anti-glare panel also makes a huge difference especially if you compare it to the 2021 or older version of the Frame TV. It would be wise for you to get a special magnetic bezel to really help your Frame TV blend in with its surroundings. 

All in all, there’s nothing to complain about with the 2022 Frame TV. If you’re interested in getting your first Frame TV or get an upgrade from an older model, the 2022 version is definitely worth every penny. 



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