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Machine training

The main stage of machine training is data processing, without which this process is simply impossible. Initially, it seems like the AI ​​ecosystem has been fully explored and there is no room for new ideas. Young scientists often wonder what idea or project can compete with large corporations that have unlimited funds. Well, don’t get desperate. Any idea can become a new word in science and give the world the latest innovation, which we could only dream of before.

Considering the field of theneurosphere, and, the field of machine training, in particular, we can say with confidence that startups are trending now, more than ever. Well, large corporations do not have free time which is required to solve minor problems and fix the shortcomings. And a new company can bring a fresh idea, thanks to which the quality of the neural networks will improve immensely.

Here are four points that will guarantee the success of an AI startup:

  1. Lots of information about the dataset.
  2. Excellent knowledge of the neural networks field.
  3. Completion of important tasks.
  4. Financial support and investments for the development.

Theneurosphere thanks users for their help

These are the points that helped the world-famous company Theneurosphere, which presented to the world its innovative SYPWAI project – Solve your problem with AI. This slogan speaks for itself; artificial intelligence really allows you to solve many problems within the shortest possible time. The thing is that a machine is capable of processing millions of times more information than a human brain, thereby speeding up data processing and obtaining the results quicker.

Theneurosphere experts have developed their system not only for the purposes of improving neural networks: they also offer an opportunity to earn money by performing simple tasks.

The main idea of ​​Theneurosphere and the SYPWAI project is to let anyone participate in the development of neural networks. The very process of completing tasks may seem too monotonous and requires perseverance from users. It can be compared to a children’s educational game in which you need to look at the pictures and identify the object in it.

However, the developers believe that the idea of ​​combining the development of their project with the possibility of making money is a great solution. Yes, work can seem boring, but at the same time it is simple and profitable. Scientists believe that the possibility of earning money this way is an indicator of the development of science.

Also, there are tasks in the system that will require special knowledge and will be more difficult than those mentioned earlier. Everyday experiences will not be sufficient in this case. Such a task cannot be performed by absolutely everyone. Before putting the company’s order into the program, it will be necessary to mark “special skills” section. Those users who have knowledge in one category or another will be able to easily complete this task.

Average earnings per hour can reach $5. That is, you can get up to $ 400 a month. The advantage is that people of different ages and professions can be engaged in this activity. On the platform, everyone can find the task they like.

We can say that Theneurosphere team has fulfilled its main task that it had been pursuing all these years – it has provided the world with a new innovative product, and also made it possible for users who are actively involved in its development to benefit from it.


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