This is how you can minimize the wear and tear of your vehicle

If you had just purchased a brand new car, then you should know that your car is not going to look “new” forever. There is bound to be some wear and tear on your vehicle but that aside, there are a few things that you can do to minimize this. You can take in your car for regular checkups, and apart from that, do follow the various tips and suggestions on how to minimize the wear and tear on your vehicle.

  • Maintenance: You must follow a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that your car does not develop any major issues. You can check in with the car manufacturers and they would usually recommend a complete maintenance check for every 10000 to 15000 miles. Apart from this, you may want to check over the various parts of your car, on your own and change any part that no longer works, as expected. Just search online for “Car wreckers Wellington” and you should be able to purchase the required part and get it replaced without hassle straight from the wrecking yard.


  • Do not miss out any oil change: It is essential that you change the motor oil as well as check the oil filter at regular intervals. You need to check the oil regularly since motor oil happens to degrade over time. You need to make sure that the oil is changed regularly so that your car and its components continue to function smoothly. Remember that if you do not change your oil frequently, then this can cause carbon to accumulate, and your car would no longer be that well lubricated. The result is that your car could develop several issues, and all because you forgot to change the motor oil periodically.


  •  Warm up the engine: It is a fact that nearly everyone is in a rush to leave, in the morning. But before you head down the road, you may want to take a minute or two and allow your car to warm up. You can use this time to check over your car and ensure that all the requisite parts are functioning normally. By allowing your car to warm up, you are essentially waking up your engine, and ensuring that the car parts remain well lubricated for the trip. And remember that you can always change any old part that no longer functions within permissible levels as well. Just Google search for car parts porirua and you should be able to see various  shops where you can purchase the required item and get it replaced with ease


  • Brakes: If you want to ensure that the brakes in your car continue to function seamlessly, then you may want to change the way you use your brakes. While most new car owners often give short jabs to the brakes at the start, they often fail to realize the fact that such frequent jabs at the brake can cause the same to overheat. Instead of short jabs and braking suddenly, you may want to try and anticipate the need and use it accordingly. And to ensure that your brakes continue to function normally, you need to get the same changed at regular intervals as well.


  •  Check the pressure: Make it a point to check your cars for air pressure, as you head into a fuel station for a refill. It is a good habit to develop and one that will ensure that your car tires retain optimal air pressure at all times.

This is how you can minimize the wear and tear on your car. Granted that your car is going to have some wear and tear, depending on your usage but with these tips, you should be able to reduce the impact of the same.  Just remember to attend to any small issues and get them sorted before they flare up into any major issues. For example, if you have developed a small crack in the windshield, then you must get the same replaced before the crack develops and soon, shatters the same all over your front seat.



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