What are the best interior design Singapore trends to count-on?

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Are you walking into your new home sometime soon? If yes, then you sure do want a chic and comfortable living space. You probably have been flipping through magazines to check out the latest home decor trends to choose the styles and patterns that you can afford. Want to decorate your new house impressively? Say yes to the stunning Singapore home decor trends.

If you are in Singapore, it makes more sense to opt-in for these home decor ideas! Even if you aren’t, you can still opt-in for the best interior design Singapore ideas. Some of the best trends and ideas are as follows:

  • More contemporary and less rustic design patterns

Today, people are opting in for more new age and modern home decor. Before 2019 the rustic woody elements did make a signature. However, the trend is fast getting replaced by new-age home decor textures and more sleek patterns. However, it doesn’t mean the overall rustic woody decor structure is taking a backseat. You can now bring home the best of overlapping features, such as the rustic, luxe and industrial elements that gets blended with a new age simplicity. It gives the homeowners’ the ease to decorate and design their home the way they want to.

  • The framed slide glass panels used for semi-open spaces

2019 urges you to welcome the semi-opened areas as it provides the homeowners the ease to say yes to a wide-open space. And here you can also get some privacy as well. You can use this structure for your kitchen spaces. It’s perfect for small home spaces. Open kitchens can help you with better ventilation as well. The idea is unique and simple – opt-in for the statement-making framed glass panels for separating the kitchen area from the living space.

When you choose the sliding glass panels that get framed with dark shades, it adds a new dimension to the open-space with prominent industrial patterns. However, it also doesn’t take much space that the traditional doors do. And this is what makes it perfect for a little HBD space.

  • Customize the build-ins for optimizing the small spaces

Most people think that customized build-ins got designed for elaborate spaces. That is far from the truth! You can use it effectively for the small spaces as well. It can optimize otherwise awkward areas, that don’t get used. When you opt-in for this home decor trend, you can use the home space completely. Do you want to customize the kitchen space? If yes, then you can opt-in for one, that has a countertop, and it can get used as a working area as well as a dining space. Make sure that the countertop surface gets made using high-end and durable material that can get used for various purposes.

  • The collapsible furniture’s and hideaways that save space

Today, simple and cleaning living spaces are making a quick comeback! It is apt for the small homes which need to do away with the clutter at the earliest. You need to store the belongings at hideaway storage discreetly. It will help you to make the most of the living room. The hideaway storage increases the space that’s been unused behind the walls, under the sofa, bed and within an ottoman.

Other than this, the collapsible furniture can help you provide more functionality and flexibility without taking up excess space. Think of a clean and cozy sofa bed, a dining table that you can extend as the breakfast counter along with hidden closets, that can keep your home organized. It will enable you to make the most of the living room space and free the unnecessary clutter as well.

  • You can go green 

The concept of using decorative plants in expanding fast today! You can expect that lavish greenery would bring in the necessary magic back to your urban settings. You can say yes to the ornamental plants. Other than that, you might also want to opt-in for a small herb garden and arrange it at a bright spot in your kitchen countertop. That makes it a useful and delightful decorative idea. The miniature potted herb can add a fresh touch to your home as well as your kitchen and living room space.

Do you prefer industrial, cold, and contemporary decor elements? If yes, then you might want to balance this trend with an organic green space to brighten the entire area. Indoor plants add to your home decor and can also bring in the required freshness.

These are some of the critical Singapore decor trends that you can opt-in for! You might want to use all or a couple of them based on your requirements. You can weigh and assess the patterns that you wish to follow and customize your way. Make sure to get in touch with an expert home decor designer to get professional assistance.



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