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Buying guide 2019: The 3 Best Pool Cleaners

Owning a pool in your home either be awesome or hectic. The occasional pool parties and swimming means dirt may accumulate in the water. Maintaining the water crystal clear may be a challenge. It’s also a tough job keeping the sparkling water surface clean. Crystal clear water in swimming pools needs regular maintenance. Pool cleaners are made to make the process easier. It’s also convenient to clean your pool if you own a pool cleaner. There are different types of pool cleaners.

IntexPoolPumps.org offers you the best guide on how you’ll be able to acquire the appropriate pool cleaner. This buying guide will analyze the pool cleaners you can buy from the market.


There are different types and designs of pool cleaners in the market. All these cleaners are designed to clean different types of pools and sizes. The pool cleaners have different sizes and shapes. They are designed to pick up different volumes of dirt from the pool. If you have the appropriate cleaner would work appropriately for you.

There are three significant designs of pool cleaners that you can buy from the market. The pool cleaners can be classified as:

– Pressure pool cleaner

– Suction pool cleaner

Robotic pool cleaner.

When you are buying either of these pool cleaners, you need to know their strengths and weaknesses. All of these pool cleaners have their strengths and weaknesses which make them different from each other. Some of the crucial features that make the pool cleaners different from each other include:

  1. Adjustable

The cleaner should be capable of being adjusted to suit your pool. The cleaner hose buoyancy and water pressure should be tailored to clean the pool effectively.

  1. Wall and Step Climbing

When you are purchasing a cleaner, you may consider its wall climbing ability. It should also climb the steps in your pool as it cleans.

  1. Energy Consumption

The best pool cleaner should be energy efficient. The higher the energy consumption, the more expensive it will be to maintain your pool.

  1. Length of the Hose

The length should be long enough to reach any part of the pool. This would allow the movement to be more natural from the skimmer box to any part of the pool.

  1. Pool Covers

Majority of the can’t be used when the pool is covered. You can check the necessities of the pool cleaner before buying it.

You need to know the various types of pool cleaners. It would assist you to buy the precise pool cleaner. They include:


Suction cleaners are designed to use suction force to clean the pool. The suction hose is connected to the skimmer box. The pool pump would then create the suction which would be used. The suction created would suck the debris and dirt in the pool. It moves around the pool and the walls as it sucks in any unwanted material.

When buying this kind of pool cleaners, you will be able to identify two types. The inertia suction cleaner cleans randomly and would clean the whole pool. It would, however, take more time to clean the pool. Suction cleaners are cheaper, and you can easily get them in the stores.

The geared cleaner is designed to move in a determined pattern. It cleans a pool in less time when compared to an inertia cleaner. The design of the pool cleaner allows them to get to the tight spots in the pool. This feature makes it an appropriate cleaner for small pools and those with steps.


Pressure cleaners are powerful than suction cleaners. The pressure cleaner comes with a separate booster pump. The pump is connected to a stand-alone hosepipe. It does not use the swimming pool’s filtration system. It has its filter and waste bag. If you connect the pressure pump to the existing pool pump, it will not work effectively.


These kinds of pool cleaners offer top-notch pool maintenance. The cleaner doesn’t need to be integrated into the filtration and plumbing system. It can work on all sizes of swimming pools. The cleaner sucks all sizes of particles in the water leaving it clean.

The electric self-propelled cleaner has an electronic control unit. The ECU or the microprocessor can assess the size of the swimming pool. It also detects the size and the shape of the pool which would allow it to clean the pool effectively. Some of the models can be pre-programmed. It may also be equipped with a remote controller for ease of use.


The market is full of robotic cleaners. This is due to their efficiency in cleaning. However, there are still suction and pressure cleaners which can be a fantastic pick.


This is one of the fantastic robotic pool cleaners due to its unique design. It has a multi-media system which has four different filters. The Premier Robotic has a microfilter which can easily remove bacteria, algae, and biofilm from the water. The cleaner has a waste bag which stores all the debris collected for disposal. It has a PowerClean brush which is used to clean any stuck biofilm.


The cleaner is designed to work on any inground swimming pools. This is one of the powerful pressure cleaner invented by Polaris. For it to work, you need to connect it to a pressure source.

It has three wheels and a vacuum which can sweep and also clean a floor. It can also clean the stairs and walls of the pool. It comes with a 31-feet hose to reach the spots you need easily. Its able to clean medium to heavy debris from the pool.


The Hayward PHS41CST is one of the most affordable pool cleaners you can get in the market. It has four wheels which allow it to clean even large pools. The roller skirt wheels will enable it to also work on any uneven surfaces. If your pool has large debris in it, this suction cleaner is one of the best. It uses V-Flex technology which ensures the process is thorough. The cleaner does not clog easily making it work for longer. It can work on both shallow and deep ends without any effect


Pool cleaners are the best to ensure your swimming pools remain clean. Reading through this buying guide, you’ll be able to buy a pool cleaner with no struggles. A swimming pool is more of an investment and would provide years of service. Purchase the appropriate pool cleaner to maintain a sparkling swimming pool.



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  • This is such a great article. I really need a good pool cleaner for our pool, since we do not have a screen enclosure. Your article was really good at explaining the different types. I am going to check out the DOLPHIN PREMIER ROBOTIC.


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