Buying Diamonds for Him: GSI’s Tips and Picks

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Most women (let us be honest) have an easy time going into a jewelry store and finding a few things to swoon over. The options are endless: You have got cocktail rings, pendants, tennis necklaces, watches, drop earrings and so much more. And if someone is buying it for you as a gift, it is pretty hard to go wrong. For men, the selection has always seemed a bit limited, and he seems—ahem— a bit. Therefore, you must know him and understand his style; does he like more flamboyant accessories and clothing? Is he classic and subtle with what he wears? Does he veer toward’ edgy?’ Simply put yourself in his shoes and then go from there. One thing that might also wow him…providing him with a GSI certificate, expertly informing him of the diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

You will be pleased to know that over the past decade, the jewelry and diamond game has grown for men. There is a whole universe of the gemstone waiting for him, from rings and studs to bracelets and cufflinks. We have found a few designs from some famous brands to get you started, so you can ensure he loves every bit of the new investment piece you’ve put your heart, soul and trusty diamond loupe into.

For the Rebel

If the guy you are shopping for often has a few tattoos, and a fine collection of leather bomber jackets and worn-in denim to go with them, you will probably want to go for iconic David Yurman. Known for uniquely textured metals and bulkier settings, the brand was destined for male fans who appreciate intricate craftmanship laced with some moody gemstones. Therefore, one of my favorite go-to designs of all time is the pave-diamond Streamline Tag. Of course, you can mix and match your base and your stone, but I personally love the contrast of sterling silver with black diamonds; it’s rugged but restrained in size to capture the perfect balance of an everyday necklace for his daring personality.

For the Classicist 

When you think timeless, you think brands like Cartier. Wise thought process. If this is his first time testing out a diamond accessory or if he is simply into understated shine, then a pair of cufflinks from the legendary house is a must.  And to say I am obsessed with their gold and diamond Juste Un Clou cufflinks is an understatement. Crafted in 18k yellow gold and embellished with 19 brilliant-cut diamond, the delicate nail-inspired creation, which is part of a bigger collection, goes so well with everything from a crisp white tuxedo shirt to an everyday striped button-down.

For the Print and Color-Enthusiast

A bold statement ring with a pop of something extra goes well with the guy who loves a good conversation ensemble. If he is into turned-up patterns and finishing touches, this is the direction you should go in. This solitaire stunner from Sarraf is magnificent with a 3-carat diamond on full display held inside an oversized-prong center. Whether you choose 18k yellow or white gold, his eyes are sure to light up when he sees this.

For the Athlete

If he is all things sporty, and prefers track pants to slacks, a sleek diamond watch is a no-brainer and a great place to start. The obvious brand choice here: Hublot. The Big Bang watch boasts some serious undercover innovation with scratch-proof gold and an “unparalleled power reserve.” But, outright, let’s talk style. With 126 diamonds, 18k gold and a durable rubber strap, the watch’s cool, unfussy sophistication is unbeatable.



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