Best Lego Sets for 4 to 7 year old’s

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There are LEGO® sets for pretty much everyone. From the advanced LEGO builders who love putting together thousands of pieces of LEGO bricks to the young LEGO fans who enjoys an easy build.

If you’re a parent looking to buy a new LEGO set for your kids between the ages four and seven, the LEGO experts from Just Bricks have some tips for you.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a set for your youngster is how suited the set will be to your child. This means thinking about the difficulty level of the build, and how the kids can enjoy the set once the initial building is completed. Your kids may prefer playing with LEGO sets that are based on licensed movies and characters, or he or she may want a free-building set that will allow them let their imagination run wild and create something that is entirely unique.

Here, we list age-appropriate LEGO models that will let your kids enjoy a rewarding building experience, and will give them exciting opportunities for imaginative play.

10713 Creative Suitcase

This 213-piece set is designed for LEGO builders ages four and above. Kids can get creative in building all kinds of creatures, houses, and vehicles using the wide selection of colored LEGO bricks.

The yellow suitcase comes with plastic dividers so the kids can better sort the brightly-colored LEGO pieces. The possibilities are endless, and they can even create a small castle with flags, and a plane with jet engines using the pieces that are included in the set.

10693 LEGO Creative Supplement

This set is perfect for kids who can make a variety of unique LEGO creations using 303 LEGO bricks. LEGO gives a few ideas for building on the exterior of the box so the kids can recreate a robot, submarine, and even a jet.

The set gives a great opportunity for kids to stretch their imaginative muscles in building neat creations that they can play with once the build is compete. Inside the box are three bags containing simple LEGO pieces, and an instruction manual that gives a step-by-step guide on how to build a dinosaur, shark, and space rockets, among others.

 10744 Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race

The build of this set is a derby stadium that has all the elements that will let kids recreate an action-packed racing game. The set is complete with breakable barriers, flaming tires, ramps, and demolition derby accessories.

It includes four LEGO Juniors characters: Miss Fritter, Lightning McQueen, Broadside, and  Cruz Ramirez.

The Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race set offers an age-appropriate build, and is ideal for kids ages four to seven. Lightning McQueen measures over two inches long, over one inch high, and once inch wide.

If your kids love their action-packed toys, this might be the perfect set for them!

LEGO Batman vs. Mr. Freeze

The LEGO Juniors Batman vs. Mr. Freeze set consists of 63 LEGO pieces that are used to assemble an easy to build Batboat. It includes two mini-figures of Batman and Mr. Freeze, each with their own weapons – a freeze gun for Mr. Freeze, and a Batarang for Batman. The Batboat has an ice speeder, an opening cockpit where you can fit mini-figures, and an ice jail that has a crystal element.

This set is intended for kids ages four to seven who will have an easy time building the floating Batboat using bigger LEGO pieces. The simple build will allow your kids to assemble the whole set with ease, so they can get to playing with the minif-igures and recreating scenes from the Batman movie in no time.

10764 Juniors City Central Airport

This set comes with an easy to build airport terminal, a passenger jet that can hold mini-figures, a working conveyor belt, and a control tower. Five mini-figures are included in this set – two pilots, a tourist, and two airport workers. Accessory elements include three suitcases, a briefcase, four orange cones, flight ticket, a marshalling wand, and a camera, just to name a few.



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