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5 Foundations of Attraction

It’s easy to get the fires cracking, we usually do it instinctively. But our conscious struggle to keep up the game rarely gets us what we want. This has to do with five key factors.

Much of these are, in fact, psychological factors and have nothing to do with your visual attractiveness. However, do not underestimate the power of your visual appeal – although it might not be what you thought it was.


1. Looks & Presence

Looking after your appearance doesn’t mean you’re shallow. Any self-respecting person will care about their appearance and presence. Don’t confuse your appearance with your self-worth, but always have an idea of a better version of yourself, how this person looks and talks – and then enact it.

This signals to others that you know what you’re about and there is nothing sexier than power over oneself. This means acting out on your self-knowledge.

However, there is a physical aspect that subconsciously speaks attraction – and it is not your looks. One’s smell can be a powerful determinant when it comes to attracting other people as it is the most rudimentary of the senses. It indicates one’s physical condition, good or bad health. So a blush of health on your face coincides with a better smell.

2. Trust & Connection

Lack of trust is a major issue for women when it comes to attraction. Women tend to find less attractive those men they don’t feel they can trust. An unreliable partner puts women in a situation where they have to stay reserved and keep guard.

This poses an issue for sexual connection, as being reserved prevents sexual arousal. Feeling secure means knowing that the partner wants what’s best for you. Women who are unsure of this are not likely to give in.

While men don’t share this as much, they, too, crave closeness, but on different terms. They might seek it through a connection that is oftentimes physical. This creates a vicious circle that is only broken down by men acting in women’s best interest and women trusting them with that.

3. Intimacy

The former two aspects are interlaced and lead to intimacy. Intimacy not only enables but generates attractiveness. Although it doesn’t go without trust and physical attraction, it also has the power to create a bond, build trust, and make us seem more appealing in the eyes of the beholder.

Showing vulnerability, interest, awe or respect, sharing eye contact or laughter, all of this can help you rekindle and increase desire often lost in longer relationships and marriages.

The good news is, connection once lost can be regained and with a new swoop of desire, couples often find excitement in something more – or rather, something new.

4. Novelty

This is where it all falls apart usually. We, as a species, are explorative, and get bored when something is predictable. When people are moving forward together and changing on their way, they stay curious about one another.

However, stagnation in a relationship has negative repercussions. Couples need distance, a sense of novelty and mystery to keep their attention on the partner. This can be a hobby, something you do for yourself, where they can just watch you grow.

Even people who thought of their relationships as steady are susceptible to this and might drift apart not knowing why it happened. Learning how to regain these five aspects of attractiveness will bring your Ex Back Permanently.

5. Support

Support refers to the positive feedback we give one another rather than holding a handkerchief.

Of course, providing support when someone feels distressed is important, but not many consider that providing support when someone feels good is just as important.

We run to those that appreciate our efforts, that are happy that we are happy. Start appreciating others’ happiness even when you fear that that might lead them away from you. What will happen is precisely the opposite.

All of these factors coincide. There is no way around them as they make you accept both yourself and your partner in a loving way.


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  • These are good points to consider if you want others to be attracted to you.


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