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12 Incredible Gift Ideas All Outdoor Enthusiasts Will Love.

Everyone knows someone who is completely in love with the outdoors. They go camping as often as possible, the enjoy hiking, cycling, climbing, and canoeing. If they could live outdoors, they would. If a family member or friend is like this, it’s excellent news when it’s gift buying time. Whether it’s Christmas, their birthday, or another occasion, it’s not hard to find them something. Most items you can get an outdoor lover are practical, although many are also for fun. But that’s why it’s so easy to buy for them. If they can use it on their adventures, they’ll love that it has a practical use. So even a portable clothes line could be an exciting gift. Try out these ideas for the perfect outdoor present. Check out more outdoor gears ideas & Reviews at https://deepbluemountain.com/ 


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 Tree Tent

Sometimes you have a small budget, and other times it’s much larger. If you’re willing to spend a bit of cash, you might want to start looking for larger gifts. Most outdoor enthusiasts already have a tent, but you can bet that they have to set it up on the ground. For an incredible alternative, consider getting them a tree tent. These tents, such as the ones from Tentsile, can be suspended between two or three trees. So you can sleep up in the air instead of on the ground, giving the user a comfortable and weightless feeling. Because they’re so comfortable, there isn’t any need for a camping mat. Check these amazing reviews on tent camping with a large family.

Self-inflating Camping Mat

Maybe you can’t afford a tree tent. But still want to make someone’s camping experiences more comfortable. In that case, try looking at sleeping mats. Most people start off with a foam mat, which is cheap and hard-wearing but not all that comfortable. Some people get inflatable mattresses. They are much more comfortable but require more space and a pump. Self-inflating mats are an alternative. They are more compact and can be inflated with just your breath. The key to getting one for camping is that it needs to be durable. You can’t suffer a puncture when you’re in the middle of a week-long trip. Cheap versions are available, but it’s much better to invest in something that costs more.

USB Lighter

You might not want to consider the more expensive gift options. Sometimes, you only want something small to show your appreciation. There are many smaller tools that are surprisingly useful for outdoor adventures. A good lighter is one of them, which can be used for lighting camping stoves and fires, among other uses. However, it can be difficult to find one that lights easily, doesn’t run out of fuel, and resists the wind. An alternative is to use a lighter you can charge, like the Xlighter. You can charge it via USB, and it’s flameless and windproof. Instead of a normal flame, it uses two streams of electricity to set things alight. And they won’t blow out in the wind.


By Mcjones2003

Solar Chargers

Of course, if you gift an outdoor lover with anything that needs power, they will need to be able to charge things. Sometimes it’s as easy as having a spare battery. But many devices these days have built-in rechargeable ones. For these things, you need a source of power, and when you’re outside, solar power is best. You can get many portable solar power kits you can carry around. Some of them come on foldable mats so that they can be rolled up and stored in a bag. It’s easy to put them in the sun when you stop to set up camp or perhaps even carry them as you travel.

Powerful Lighting

Lighting is another thing that requires power that you can’t go without. A torch is essential at the very least. A lantern for your campsite is even better. But you don’t want weak lights that barely help you see in the dark. What you need are powerful tools that will give you plenty of light to see by. For example, the Black Diamond Titan Lantern gives you a light radius of 45 feet. You can make sure your whole campsite has enough light, and there’s no need to try and light an old lantern with fuel. If you want to buy a torch, it’s better to pick a head torch so the wearer can go hands-free or an amazon headlamp is essential at the very least.


Packing Tools

Sometimes, there’s plenty of space to pack what you want for an outdoor adventure. Some people take their cars and pack as much as they can fit into. However, many people have only a backpack, and they don’t want to waste any of the space they have. Even when packing minimally, there are right and wrong ways to save space. For example, how clothes are folded can have an impact on how much space they require. Some tools will make this easier, such as compression bags. Of course, it’s not all about space. Sometimes it’s just important to have a comfortable bag or protect your things. Some other gifts you might consider include dry bags or even a new rucksack.


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There are lots of little outdoor jobs that require various tools. But instead of having separate items, a multitool is much more useful. You can get lots of tools into one compact device. Of course, that means they have to be smaller, but they can be just as powerful. There is always the possibility of having extra tools such as a small spade or ax that you can’t put on a multitool. Plus, these tools are great to use at home, as well as when out and about.

Compact Cooking Equipment

Depending on what sort of camping is taking place, portable cooking equipment can be pretty important. No one can carry a large camping stove and pots when they only have one backpack. A compact camping stove is necessary, and there are several excellent choices. Trangia is a popular make that you can buy as a spirit burner or a gas burner. They pack up neatly into one package, usually with a couple of pots and a lid you can use to fry with. They’re particularly popular in parts of Europe, especially in Sweden where they originate. There are many other makes available too, but it’s best to see what lasts longest. Trangia stoves can last many years.


Whenever you’re outside, you need to stay cool, or warm, or dry. Clothes obviously play a big part in that. A lot of outdoor clothing can be expensive, especially if you choose the high-tech items. However, there are some things that you can get as a gift if you don’t want to spend too much. Firstly there are undergarments, from underwear to thermal layers. You might be surprised to find that some underwear is more suitable for outdoor adventures than others. For example, EnOfficio Give-N-Go Underwear is fast-drying. That makes it ideal for damp conditions and watersports.


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Not everything has to be incredibly practical. Sometimes it can just be for fun and relaxing. If there’s space to carry it, a hammock is a great item to take on trips. But it’s also something to have at home when there’s time to relax in the sunshine. A hammock can come with a frame, or you can conveniently tie it between two trees. It’s also possible to sometimes tie one between your car and a tree or any other anchor you can find. In fine weather, it’s also possible to sleep in a hammock. Or you can even put a shelter over it if the weather isn’t so great. If you want even more space, a double hammock has room for two.


Many outdoor lovers enjoy capturing their adventures on camera. Both photography and videography can create some beautiful memories. For outdoor use, an action camera is often best, especially for more active sports. They can withstand the impact of being dropped or knocked about. Plus, they’re also waterproof. Many of them will also have excellent features for stabilizing images, as well as accessories to mount the camera in various ways. You can get specialist mounts for various things, from helmets to chest straps. GoPro is the most popular brand, but there are several others worth exploring.

Portable Outdoor Toys

It’s always good to have a bit of fun and something to play with when outdoors. Playing on the water can be excellent, but many of the crafts are hard to transport. One of the ways to make it easier is to have an inflatable one. For example, you can get an inflatable kayak or stand up paddleboard. They weigh less and will fold down much smaller than the real thing. Although, they can take time to set up. If you would rather stay on dry land, there are always other fun things to play with. There are games both kids and adults can enjoy, from bowls to beer pong. 

 Buying a gift for someone who loves the outdoors doesn’t have to be difficult. There are small and large presents you can get them that they will love.Check out coolstuffforcamping.com for your quality camping gears.

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