Winter is Coming: How to Save Money on Heating Bills.

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Winter is coming. We’re not talking about Game of Thrones here. We’ll have to wait quite  awhile for that winter to come. We’re talking about the actual season that’s afoot. There are many great things about the colder part of the year. From Halloween to Christmas, most people delight in the autumn and winter holidays. However, it can be difficult to keep our homes warm – or, at least, inexpensive. We are going to be tempted to simply leave our heater on all day and all night in order to stay warm, but there are more affordable ways to keep the heat in.

Bundle Up, Snuggle In

In winter, blankets, sweaters, and scarves are something you can hardly get enough of. If you find yourself unable to turn up your heat any more than it already is, take advantage of the opportunity to snuggle with your significant other or your family. Wear your comfiest socks and brew a pot of coffee or make some hot cocoa. These little things will keep you warm and help you keep a scary heating bill from rearing its ugly head.

 Use a Space Heater

If you live alone, using a space heater in only one room will not only keep you warm but it will also keep the heating bill low. Sure, you will be using a little bit of electricity, but you will ultimately save more money. A space heater will also serve your family well when you are all snuggling in the living room.

Additionally, if you are fortunate to have a fireplace in your home, fully utilize it in the cold months. It is smart to collect wood throughout the year and before the cold sets in completely, make sure your fireplace is clean. Keep the iron tools necessary for tending to a fire, and make sure that it is put out before you head to bed. The heat will linger for quite some time afterwards making it a cost-effective way to heat your home.

 Door and Window Insulation

A great way to keep the heat in is to install insulation on your home’s doors and windows. Rubber weather stripping is particularly helpful in older homes. Because it is exposed, of course, to weather, this type of insulation deteriorates quickly. Especially with cold weather quickly setting in, make sure this insulation is ready to keep your home warm all winter long.

According to Mass Save program, If your home has an attic, make sure the entryway is covered in plastic, old blankets, or insulation – even saran wrap or old t-shirts, as long as these keep the cold air out of your home. Because heat rises, it is important to cover these entryways so that a cold draft does not carry away your home’s precious and valuable warm air.

Inspect Your Heating System

Before the winter sets in, make sure you inspect if your heating systems are working properly. You do not want to get a nasty surprise of your heating system not working on a freezing night. To find reliable and professional HVAC, Santa Rosa based experts, do your research and make sure they come to check on your home’s heating system before the winter comes.


Heating bills in the colder months can truly get out of control. Sadly, this utility bill is a necessity but it does not necessarily have to high. There are several great ways to avoid this burden by taking certain short cuts and precautions to ensure that your home is warm and cozy.




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