Baby To Toddlerhood: What To Be Aware Of During The Next Few Years.

Becoming a parent is an exciting journey to embark on. Not only do you have the wonderful squishy newborn days, and then the chance to watch them grow. But once they leave those baby months behind they become a toddler. This is where life gets chaotic. Toddlerhood is a fun time, and exciting in regards to development. But so can the situations and scenarios that need you to expertly guide you and the family through. From sleepless nights (still) to first words and sentences, the rollercoaster ride is just about to get faster. Don’t forget the potty training. But don’t panic. I thought it would be a great idea to share with you some of the things to be aware of for the toddler years. Hopefully putting your mind at ease for the next stage of parenthood.


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Their need for independence

Once your child becomes a toddler, there is all of a sudden this need for independence. They want to dress themselves, put their shoes on. They insist on what they want to wear or take what seems like hours to put on a coat. It will always be at that precise moment where speed is of the essence. Independence is a great skill for them to master and shows their need to learn new things. Embrace the independence. They won’t always show this willing. Encourage it as much as you can.

The tantrums

The tantrums. They won’t be pleasant. Maybe you have already had a bit of a taste of what you are in for. There may be screaming and shouting, and a whole lot of tears. But tantrums are just another way of expression for your little one. Tantrums are a good way of them communicating their dislike or upset. While it’s never an easy thing to overcome learning the best ways to diffuse the situation will be your saving grace. Another thing you may need to consider is how you want to discipline your child. There are many strategies and techniques to consider. Just work out what will suit your parenting style and your family.


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Worrying about milestones being hit

Every parent worries about milestones. Experts have released guidelines to help parents. But sometimes you can take these to be right. However, what we all forget is children develop at their own pace. Some quicker, some slower. This goes for walking and talking. Movement tends to be the one most parents get hung up on. If your child isn’t walking, crawling or showing any signs of movement by a certain age it’s easy to get worried. This is where seeking advice from medical professionals online from could help. Some children do develop issues in their hips and joints for many reasons. Many times parents worry over nothing, but sometimes there is an underlying reason. If you are ever worried about milestones not being hit, then seek advice to put your mind at ease.

Their eating habits

Many parents will tell you that your once amazing eater will turn fussy. You hope there is not truth to it. But many toddlers develop a fussy eating habit as they get older. This is another way of communicating their likes and dislikes and testing boundaries. They can pick up habits from siblings or adults. While it isn’t something to worry about, try and be consistent when it comes to meal times. Don’t give in. If you want some fun recipe ideas check out


I hope this has highlighted what might be in store for you and your toddler going forward. Don’t forget, through all the tantrums and fussy eating; there is a lot of fun waiting to happen. Enjoy.




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