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Nuband Evolve & Nuband Pulse, the smart tracker that will keep you motivated to move!

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If you’re looking for a few good Fitness Activity Trackers look no more for Nuband has just what you and I need to track everything. These smart multi-sport, activity, and sleep trackers will track your progress with ease. Fitness trackers have become a popular way to stay motivated and monitor your activity and it’s so important to have a good functional tracker that can keep up with your activities daily.

Let me share with you two new sleek trackers from Nuband that I know you will love!


Most trackers if not all I have experience has been great but I find the Nuband brand to be pretty nice and very easy to read and operate. Let’s get right down to the first Nuband tracker which is the Nuband Pulse .


Get ready to be fit and sleep well because this sleek light-weight, well-designed Black Nuband Pulse will count your steps, calories burned, and distance traveled. Plus it allows you to easily view your heart rate during workout. Once your workout has been completed, you can review all your collective data on your app. Also, it will chart your quality and length of sleep. It works on Apple or Android devices and is Bluetooth enabled so you can easily track your activity, goals, and history via your mobile app. The Nuband OLED display will allow you to visually see instant minute updates with ease plus this tracker is water resistant so you can even swim with it on. Have to love that feature!


I like that you don’t have to charge the Pulse daily unlike my old trackers with 1-2 hours of charging, you have a battery life of 5 to 7 days with continual use. Plus available to you with your Nuband Pulse is a charging cord so you can charge when needed. If you’ve been inactive for a while you can set a vibrating alarm that will get you right back on your feet again. You can also customize your own goals, this way you can track your own health you can also share your success with friends on social media. The Nuband Pulse is very easy to sync up just make sure you download the app, create your personal profile then follow all instructions. This tracker is sure to help kick start your day with it’s easy to use and view features!


Here’s more about what the Nuband  Pulse do:

•Sports monitor, sports reminder, smart alarm, sleep tracker, clock.
•Built-in Heart Rate & Electrocardiogram with three-point electrode testing.
•OLED super bright display so you can track your performance on the go.
•Soft grade silicone band.
•Easy to fit & comfortable.
•Band stores up to 3 days of data and app supports 1 year.
•Long life rechargeable battery up to 9 days life.
•Sleep mode simply activated by double click feature.
•App available on numerous apple & android devices.
•Represents excellent value for money, not everyone wants to pay £100+ to improve their fitness.
•Splash proof so can be worn outside on the wettest days.
•Free app.
•Measures distance ran, calories burnt, sleep taken, time, battery remaining, percentage of goal achieved.

Don’t wait, grab your Nuband Pulse today from the Nuband website,  it retails for $89!


Next we have the Nuband Evolve:


If you are a person who enjoys playing sports, the Nuband Evolve is the right tracker for you! This tracker will track your running, cycling, weight lifting and swimming, and you can sync your progress to your phone. The band is also sleek and made of black rubber  and features some awesome features just like the Nuband Pulse above.

Features like: Digital Water Resistance: 50m Special Features: Multi-sport activity tracker, sleep monitoring with vibrating alarm, Bluetooth, built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery, 3hr charge time that last for five days, it’s compatible with Android and iOS phones. Nice size OLED display so you can see all your instant updates, clock, data and vibration alarm. Just download app set your profile up and keep track of your progress!


I like how sleek these trackers are, most of mine are a little bulky so for Nuband to make a sleek, yet functional, innovative tracker like these, I think it’s pretty cool. I also like how they both have many great features to track not only my activities but my sleep as well. That’s important to me because I would love to see my sleep data to see if I’m sleeping well after a long day of activities! Last but not least I’m always interested in how many calories I’ve burned for the day and with the use of the Nuband trackers I can find out just how many calories I’ve burned for the day too.

The Nuband Evolve has 5 Modes which will provide you with lots of data for each one.



Weight Lifting,




Well, there you have it! Two awesome Nuband trackers that can help keep track of your daily activities & sleep with ease. Don’t wait visit their website today to order your Nubands. The Nuban Evolve retails for $89


You can connect with Nuband via Facebook | Twitter |Instagram | to keep up with latest



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37 thoughts on “Nuband Evolve & Nuband Pulse, the smart tracker that will keep you motivated to move!

  • How do you get you iPhone to sync to show how much sleep you’ve had. Do I need to do something with the watch before I go to sleep

    • Alison, I am not sure to be honest. You may have a number you can call for assistance. Good luck!

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  • I like that it stores 3 days of data

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