Are You Traveling This Holiday?

WOW, time is really flying by and before you know it the Holidays will be among us. This holiday season my husband and I are planning to do some traveling, I’m not sure where we want to go but I do know I’m headed somewhere. LOL!

I’ve had my heart set on visiting India and the Holy Land ( Jerusalem) so I kind of have an idea just not sure. I’ve even thought about doing a cruise like my sisters. This October many of my family will be headed to the Caribbean Island to celebrate my sister 50th birthday…how cool right!


My sister plan this trip three years ago and all I’ve ever heard her mention was visiting some of the Barbados sand beaches. I hear they are specular! I would love to see all the beauty that Barbados has to offer. Many say they have white sand, bright blue waters, coconuts palm trees and so much more.

I can see myself playing in the white sand for hours. I’m sure it would be totally fascinating to see white sand and to play in it all day, after all I’ve never even heard of white sand before!

The more and more I think about it I’m actually leaning toward adding Barbados to my travel adventure this holiday. I don’t want to just stop at those places, I would love to travel around the world. This is the best time to actually seek out your destination because many companies are offering great travel discounts now and during holiday season.

If I can find a deal, I’ll even take my kids so they too can experience traveling to a warmer atmosphere during the cold months. The kids and I been discussing visiting the Family Life Aegean Blue by Atlantica. EUROPEMEDITERRANEANGREECERHODESDES_000923KOLYMBIAATLANTICAAEGEANBLUE

Just look at all that beauty in Atlantica! My colleague just got back with her family and seeing her pictures and hearing her talk about all the fun they had just made me even more excited about visiting!

She mentioned how the kids had so much fun at Atlantica lagoon style pools, how they enjoyed the water parks and how the whole entire family enjoyed the scenery. I hear there is so much for the entire family to enjoy even the rooms are luxurious and spacious. Plus they also have hangouts for your teens, now that’s cool too! A place where your teens can hangout safely by themselves and still have lots of fun!


I don’t know about anyone else but I’m ready to book my travel destinations now, again this is the best time to get Holiday deals and why wait.

So when you get a few minutes check out Thomson to see where your next destination will be. Now I pose this question to you, will you be traveling this Holiday and where are you headed?


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