An Amazing New Alarm Clock For Your Home

Whether I’m reaching to hit the alarm when rising for the day or peaking around the corner when getting ready for work, I often can’t see the time on that alarm clock! I recently came across the TimeShare Alarm Clock, which is the world’s first to have 2 displays and thought this was such a unique and interest concept.

I was excited to hear about a startup that actually made a smart, unique bedroom gadget that is also very useful. Most fun tech objects are nice to play around with at first, but eventually end up in a drawer and replaced by other items as time goes on. Not with this alarm clock, this is one of those products I wish someone would have come up with sooner.

The usual alarm clocks I’ve seen in houses and hotels have one display that can often be out of view since they face forward. So when I’m out of its line of sight I usually run to grab my phone, move to another room or scurry back in the line of viewing site or even just ask someone what the time is. What I really like about this TimeShare Alarm Clock is that they aren’t reinventing the wheel, it’s a tried and tested concept and just makes it easier to see the time anywhere in a room space.

With my phone, I also find it’s nice to be able to mount either an Android or iPhone on it and also play music or my phones alarm through its Bluetooth speaker. The quality is really good, which is surprising since that probably wouldn’t be a priority feature of a product like this.


A couple other features of the clock include a swiveling dock, which allows me to face my phone in any direction. It even includes easy to switch, pivoting dock connectors, so as mentioned I can use either type of phone I happen to have at the moment (iPhone or Android). I really look forward to using this product for years to come, and without a doubt kids in College, families at home and even hotels around the world will likely latch on to this alarm clock quickly. The parent company Duaxi has a Kickstarter going up on 2/27 to help grow the company and product, and is offering a variety of incentives to get contributors involved.


Learn more about Duaxi and the TimeShare Alarm Clock below.


Official Website

Kickstarter Website



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