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Why Should You Add Casein Supplements to your daily Regimen?

For the past couple of years, there is an argument which protein source is the best is it casein or whey. However, identifying which one of the best is extremely difficult simply because both of them have their own advantages as well as advantages.

Nevertheless, the main reason why whey protein is more dominant than casein is that whey is absorbed very fast. In other words it breakdowns amino acids and absorbs into the bloodstream quickly. And for that reason, whey protein is being used after exercise to repair the injured muscle fibers.

On the other hand and unlike to whey protein casein is being digested slowly and it provides a gentler absorption rate and constantly offer amino acids into the bloodstream for about seven to eight hours. Another thing why casein is a good source of protein for athletes and bodybuilders is the fact that micellar casein which in one of the two form of casein contains a higher amount of amino acid glutamate. In fact, this type of amino acid is important for cell volumization, muscle repair, as well as aid in the immune system.

So if you’re planning to add more protein to your daily supplement, then why don’t you try taking casein supplements or casein protein powder? However, if you’re hesitant, we will show you some reasons why you should incorporate casein supplements into your daily routine.

  1. Can Improve Metabolic Rate

If you want to lose body fats and improve the probabilities of muscle development, then you should take casein. In fact, there is a study that is shown in the Netherlands, that individuals who take casein for about two times have a complex metabolic rate while they are sleeping. And the satiety levels, on the other hand, were 33 percent higher. In other words, consuming casein will not only increase the chances of losing body fats, but you will have a light stomach as well.

  1. Reduce Recovery Times

As what was mentioned a while ago, casein provides a slower absorption compared to whey protein. It also releases amino acids into the bloodstream every after consumptions. Casein is recommended to drink before going to bed since it this time, growth hormones and muscle repair are being released. Nevertheless, casein offers the body enough amino acids all throughout the night as well as help in muscle recovery.

  1. Promotes Colon Health

Another important advantage of casein is that it aids in promoting colon health. According to study that is conducted in Australia, they found out that the dietary proteins can stimulate colon health much better compared to soy and meat. On the other hand, it is another reason why taking casein supplements or protein powder is important and recommended.


Proteins are not created the same. Whether it is animal, casein, soy, egg, or whey protein they have their unique and own advantages. But in this day and age, casein is more dominant and powerful compared to other casein supplements. Nevertheless, it has the capability to offer your bloodstream with a steady and slow movement of amino acids that normally last for several hours.

However, muscles mass may not be built instantly, but taking casein supplements or casein protein powder can be one of the best options if you want to have enough levels of protein. If you wish to learn more about protein powder go to this review.



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