Todays 2018 Baby Gift Guide feature is The First Year Company. @TheFirstYears

Welcome to our 2018 Baby Gift Guide. For the next few weeks we will be showcasing some awesome “Baby Must Have” gift ideas for your little one. You will see a range of products in all categories along with links for you to lean more or purchase any of these items.

Today I want to share with you two wonderful gifts from the company The First Years! Here we have The First Years company 4-in-1 Warming Comfort Tub.

This bathtub for baby brings luxury and comfort in 4 different ways as your little muffin grows from a newborn to a toddler. This bath tub is definitely designed to grow with your baby. The bather is the insert that securely fits inside of this cute and comfy tub.

Newborns and infants may require the bather insert to provide more comfort and older infants and toddlers will likely use the tub only. The cutest thing about this 4-in-1 Warming Comfort Tub from The First Years is that the tub resembles a real tub. How cute is that?

The 4-in-1 Warming Comfort Tub’s design helps you keep your growing baby comfortable during bath time. From infant through to toddler, this modular tub creates a secure and comfy environment for them as they get clean. The cleverly designed infant insert features a special water catch tray that allows for a steady stream of soothing water down your baby’s neck and back. It also cradles newborns at a gentle incline and easily switches to a medium incline for older infants.

As your baby grows, remove the insert and the tub’s more upright incline easily supports an extra-wiggly baby during bath time. The tub later provides the perfect perch for a toddler having bath time fun. The tub is designed to fit most single and double sinks, and can also be used in an adult bath tub.

Now that baby is all cleaned and relaxed, a few lullabies and cuddles later, baby has drifted off to sleep. To learn more visit The First Years website here.  The 4-in-1 Warming Comfort Tub retails for $34.99

Now on to our next The First Year Gift idea, this one is called the First Years Remote Control Bottle Warmer.

After sleeping for a few hours, you begin to hear your little dumpling’s murmurs and cries as he/she starts to wake up. Now it’s time to take the necessary precautions as mommy or daddy. Check baby’s diaper and change if needed. Pick up baby and begin cuddles and rocking. Feed baby but wait, you realize that baby’s bottle of milk is at a nice cold chill in the refrigerator because you forgot to warm up the bottle. Oh No! How great would it be if you could remotely set your bottle warmer to begin warming so when it’s time for feeding, baby’s bottle is at the perfect temperature.

Look no further! The First Years Remote Control Bottle Warmer allows you to warm your baby’s bottle with the simple touch of a button.

Before you’ve reached bedtime, you would place a bottle into the warmer with the re-freezable ice packs surrounding the bottle. The ice packs will keep baby’s bottle chilled for up to 8 hours. Preset the length of warming time there you have it! You are all set to start warming the bottle. Rather you sit the bottle warmer remote near your bed or in baby’s room, pressing the remote triggers the warming feature for a perfect bottle for baby.

The First Years has a lot of awesome products to try. Take a look at their website  and order a few gifts for that new parent! The Remote Control Bottle Warmer will save so much time, take the stress out of getting up and warming your baby’s bottle, save time on nighttime feeding and, it will allow parents a little extra snooze time while bottle warms up! The First Years Remote Control Bottle Warmer retails for $79.99 


Well, there go two awesome gifts for mom, dad, and baby! Don’t forget to also connect with The First Years via Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |Pinterest|



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3 thoughts on “Todays 2018 Baby Gift Guide feature is The First Year Company. @TheFirstYears

  • Thank-you so much for your guide. How did you know I’ve been invited to a baby shower in a couple of weeks and have no idea what to get for a gift? I really like the idea of the comfort tub. My daughter-in-law had a similar one for my grandson and really liked it a lot. x

  • That looks amazing! I have a few close friends who are soon going to give birth so this really helps give me some ideas. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  • Great items for sure. I am out of this stage but have a number of friends that are pregnant with their first child now. I will share this information with them. The bottle warmer would really come in handy.


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