Top 10 Wines for $15 or less

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There are so many different types of red and white wine, so many flavors to choose from and so many tastes. And, yes, there are countless wine lovers all around the world. But how to know which wine is the best?

First, is worth to know that not all good wines are expensive. Surely, people could expect that a pricey wine is a good one, but that’s not the rule. There are a lot of good on-budget wines in all the traditional producing countries, like France, Spain, the United States, Italy, or South Africa.

Making a cheap bottle of wine doesn’t mean going cheap on quality or other details. And if you know how to find and pick it, you will have both a good and a non-expensive bottle. After looking at the price, do mind the type of the grapes and read the label for more information. Also, going for a very well-known and favorite wine location will have you searching for the best affordable glass of wine.

So, are you looking for cheap wine online? While there are many names to choose from, here is our top 10 best wines for $15 or less, both red and white wines:

Red wine

The Pinot Project 2018 California Pinot Noir. This fruity Pinot has a cherry and plum flavor and can go with beef, poultry, veal, but with spicy food as well. It comes from Sonoma County in California. The Pinot Project is well-known for its cheap pinot noir.

Bogle 2014 California Petite Sirah. It comes with blackberry, blueberry, and vanilla aromas, and is also spicy and dark chocolate flavored, and it will go very well with beef or lamb. It has a very deep color, it is nor dense or heavy, and was aged in American oak. This Petite Sirah resides in the Sacramento Delta, also California.

Bibi Graetz 2010 Toscana Casamatta Sangiovese. There are plenty of meat dishes which would match this Tuscan red wine straight from Italy, just near Florence. It features cherry and plum flavors, but also raspberry, so this one is a choice rich in flavor.

Companhia das Quintas 2017 Alentejo Portas da Herdade Reserva. Also from Europe comes this Portuguese red which is aged for a year in wood. It is made from a variety of grapes, is fresh, and is a good table wine, being served with beef, lamb, or poultry. The Alentejo region in Portugal is very rich in red wines.

Yalumba The Y Series 2017 South Australia Cabernet Sauvignon. It is rich in flavors, with black fruits and plum, and goes with beef, lamb, and poultry, as well with lasagna. It also has a hint of black tea and dry eucalyptus. With over 170 years of experience, Yalumba is a traditional family owned wine company, not far from South Australian city of Adelaide.

White wine

Condes de Albarei 2017 Rias Baixas Albarino. This Albarino has a citric flavor of lemon and grapefruit, but the rich aromas suggest also peach, pineapple, nectarine, mango, and melon. It goes very good with seafood, but also fish, pasta, vegetarian and appetizers. The taste is very pleasant, and its origin is on the northwestern Atlantic coast of Spain, in Galicia.

Anselmo Mendes 2017 Vinho Verde Muros Antigos Loureiro. The Portuguese white Loureiro is another from Southern Europe which goes very well with seafood, vegetarian and appetizers. It has citrus, green pear, and apricot flavors, and is original from the northern Portugal region of Vinho Verde, which roughly translates as “green wine”.

Famille Perrin 2018 Cotes du Rhone Reserve White. Pear, peach, apricot and apple are some of this White from France. The Rhone Valley in southeastern France is a rich field for this type of wines. It goes with fish, cheese, poultry, and pork. This wine is well-suited for elegant and special occasions.

Spier 2018 Western Cape Signature Collection Chardonnay. The South African Chardonnay it’s rich in flavors of citrus and tropical fruits. It has flavors of lime, lemon, vanilla, butter and oak, and it can be served with fish, poultry, pork, or vegetarian dishes.

Bieler Family 2018 Columbia Valley (WA) Daisy Pinot Grigio. This is a rather sweet type of wine, with great variety of flavors – pears, kiwi, melon, apple, and tropical fruit. It is also a blend of Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Moscato. Although it originates from Washington, it is inspired by Northern Italy whites.



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