Food items to stock during lockdown

The entire world is fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost all the countries have put their citizens in lockdown to prevent the virus from spreading. All the activities have come to a standstill and the economy is suffering. The governments are trying to ensure that the supplies of essential items like groceries and medicines is maintained. It is risky to move out in this environment, but you will still have to step out to get basic supplies. To reduce your time spent outside your house, you can create a list of food items that can be stocked for longer periods. You won’t have to leave your house for at least 10 days if you buy these food items.


It is the easiest ingredient to store and is needed in quite a lot of dishes. Black pepper, paprika, turmeric powder, dry chilies, etc. are some of the commonly used spices. They bring out delicious flavors and also help in preserving food. Some simple curry and Italian dishes like pasta would taste better with spices.


The egg is a staple food that can be found in many households. You can boil the eggs and add them to your salad. For early morning breakfast you can eat boiled eggs or scrambled eggs or an omelet. Anyone can make a meal from eggs. Egg has a lot of health benefits too. Egg white is a good source of protein for your body. Eggs also contain vitamin B12 and vitamin D that are important for the body’s immunity.


Pasta is a food item that gets cooked in minutes. You can make any pasta recipe for dinner and add green vegetables or chicken to enhance the flavor. Pasta can be easily found in any local grocery store and can be stored for weeks in closed containers. Even healthier versions like whole-wheat or brown-rice are being made by food manufacturers.


Nuts or dry fruits are healthy food items. They are rich in a lot of proteins, vitamins, and minerals that are needed for the body. They are easily available and can be stored for longer durations. You can stock cashews, almonds, pistachios, and raisins so that your body keeps getting the required nutrients.

Coffee pods

Coffee is loved by almost everyone. A lot of people start their day by drinking a cup of hot coffee in the morning. While stuck at home it’s natural that your coffee consumption can be increased and you can bi tired of your regular caffeine consumption. So you can stock flavored coffee pods instead. These pods come in different flavors and are biodegradable. Making coffee with these pods is very easy and almost instant. Moreover, coffee pods are biodegradable and hence reduce the carbon footprint of your household.


Vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Most of the vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, leafy vegetables, etc. can be easily stored for a week or two. You can make curry recipes and salads using the vegetables. A lot of vegetable-based recipes are available on the internet for you to try. You should try to buy the local produce based on seasonality. By doing this you help to promote local farmers and reduce your carbon footprint.

Frozen meat

Grocery stores offer a wide variety of processed meats that need very less cooking. These meat items can be stored in the freezer for weeks. Chicken, port, lamb, duck, fish, etc. are some of the meat products that are good to stock in your house. Making dinner with these meat items is fast and simple. There are a ton of meat-based simple food recipes on the internet. You watch some recipes on YouTube for starters.


The food ingredient that can enhance the flavor of any dish is the lemon. You should stock lemon in your kitchen. Sprinkling some fresh lemon juice over salads, non-veg curries or green tea enhances the taste. Some people drink a glass of hot water with lemon for maintaining good metabolism.

You might be feeling anxious and overwhelmed by the current situation. It is completely normal to feel so. Stocking the above-mentioned food items will help you in getting a healthy diet needed to cope with the stress in the current scenario. Since these items can be stocked for weeks, you don’t even have to step out multiple times to buy groceries.



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