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Advantages of Choosing Amish-Made Furniture

Choosing furniture for your home is considered a serious investment. You would want to have pieces in your home that will complement your style and will stand the test of time.

If you’re looking for furniture in terms of style, durability, and longevity, Amish-made furniture is your best choice.

These furniture pieces are manufactured by the Amish people, originally in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. They first attracted attention in the 1920s when people started appreciating the style and quality of the pieces.

There are a lot of advantages to choosing Amish furniture. Here are just some of them:


1. You get to appreciate generations-worth of genuine craftsmanship of the Amish.

Amish people are famous for their woodworking skills and furniture-making is an important industry for them. Their talent isn’t only limited to making furniture; they also build homes, toys, quilts, and even scooters. Patronizing their products, especially Amish furniture, is equivalent to giving a well-deserved appreciation to their genuine devotion to creating timeless heirlooms.

Amish’s furniture-making industry isn’t just about profit, but it’s also that one thing that makes them stand out from the rest of the world. 

2. Every Amish furniture is a work of art.

Great attention is paid to the furniture-making process. Each furniture is made from hand-selected pieces of wood to ensure the quality of the product. Amish woodworkers never use veneer, particleboard, or other composite wood products. They always choose hardwood that’s already reached its maturity for its strength and durability.

Another thing that makes Amish furniture stand out is the fact that Amish woodworkers tend to use dovetails, rabbets, and mortise-and-tenon joinery instead of nails. They use wood glue to reinforce joints, making the piece fastener-free and a true piece of art.

3. You promote environmental awareness in your discreet way.

The Amish culture has been environment-friendly since the beginning. The simple living of this community prioritizes the conservation of environmental resources and managing them responsibly.

Even in their woodworking, they use sustainably harvested, locally-sourced woods. Virgin forests are not destroyed. Before cutting down a tree, the forest where it’s in is evaluated by an ecology expert to maximize the use of the available resources without damaging it for the next generations.

In the Amish culture, they don’t make use of modern technology such as electricity to remain off the grid. But that doesn’t mean that they’re limited to hammers and chisels. They also have power tools, which are called pneumatic tools, that run on compressed air and are fueled by a diesel engine.

4. They’re not just furniture, but heirlooms.

The durability of the Amish furniture is undeniable. These are meticulously built to last for generations, literally. This is where “furniture investment” comes into place. Buying cheap furniture that will last for a few months isn’t an investment, but purchasing reasonably-priced pieces that your great-grandchildren can still enjoy is.

5. Solid wood furniture fits every style.

No house doesn’t suit the sophistication, richness, and comfort of solid wood furniture. No matter the theme is, whether it’s rustic, shaker, traditional, or contemporary, no one will ever go wrong in adding one or a couple of Amish furniture in any part of the house.

Since Amish-made furniture is incredibly durable, it doesn’t only stand the test of time, but also can withstand any weather. There are lots of choices for Amish patio furniture that you can add outdoors for a more classical feel for you and your guests.



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