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Simple Tips For Aged Care Landscape Maintenance

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Creating an atmosphere that’s as close to “home” as can be is possible with a few touch-ups on aged care landscape maintenance. According to experts, greenery, when maintained beautifully, can be a source of therapy for those in their silver and golden years, especially against anxiety, depression, and stress. 

 To ensure that your grounds maintenance project is complete with gorgeous landscaping, here are a few simple tips you can follow to make a nursing home’s surroundings peaceful and welcoming.


Basic Tips For Landscaping 

1. Come Up With A Rough Sketch 

Not many commercial landscaping caretakers take this into account, that a rough sketch or a blueprint of the area is the first step above anything else. This “draft” will allow you to have a clearer picture of the overall design you want for the garden or backyard. Map out a layout of the area, draw dividers, and label each section (i.e. koi pond, sitting area with outdoor benches, bird fountain, etc.).

 This sketch may also include a list of the types of plants you have in mind. Potted flowering plants, bushes, trees, grass lawns, etc. Additionally, write down where you want them positioned on the layout itself. 

2. The Focal Point 

As you let your creativity flow over your rough sketch, remember that there should be a focal point in the landscape so that things won’t look too bedraggled. You can even set up more than one. A gazebo, a bordered patch of colorful flora, a mini-fountain, and more. 

3. Start Simple, Start Small 

Aged care landscape maintenance is a wonderful venture and we can understand if you get over excited about it. That said, overexcitement shouldn’t lead to over decorating. If you’re still uncertain where to begin, the safest choice is to start with small and simple pieces. Then gradually add to them along the way. 

4. Sights And Smells 

Another crucial aspect of landscape maintenance for nursing homes is that sights and smells spark positive memories. Open spaces that the sun can shine on during the mornings, sweet-scented flowers planted along high-traffic stone paths, bright green shrubs, corners that overlook a quiet road, and the like. These will serve as positive triggers that will effectively affect their overall mood.

Important Add-Ons

Access And Movement  

Elderly in-house patients should be provided with opportunities to move around the facility, especially out in the yard. It’s an indirect method of having them flex their joints and muscles in a very natural and comfortable manner. 

 Include small walkways that lead to and from the garden. You can use outdoor tiles such as ceramic, porcelain, quarry, slate, etc. These have a beautiful finish to them which can bring a touch of class to any landscaping maintenance idea. Just be sure to coat their surfaces with non-slip tile gripping solutions to enhance their anti-skid element. 

Hands-On Gardening Areas

When it comes to aged care landscape maintenance, it’s vital to understand that more than creating beautiful surroundings for the elderly to walk on and sit around in, giving them room to be involved in plant-nurturing is a great means to let them have a sense of belonging and of achievement. 


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