6 Reasons you need an Annual Furnace Tune-Up

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Manufacturers recommend annual furnace tune-up, and it is beneficial in many ways.  Even if your furnace is in perfect shape and functioning, rightly, you still have to carry out routine checks.  Annual furnace tune-ups serve as a preventive measure to bigger issues. People routinely service their cars; they go for a dental checkup, eye checkups, and so much more. You should apply the same care for your furnace. Furnace serves a critical role in your home, and it could be costly if you don’t carry out a routine checkup. They keep your family warm during winter, and if they fail, then you are in for a long night. Bad vents and circulation system could result in breathing-related issues and general illness of family members. Moreover, a sudden breakdown in the middle of a cold winter night can be damaging as well.

Here are 6 reasons why you should carry out annual Furnace Tune-Up.

  • Safety

Annual furnace Tune-up is an important step in keeping your family safe. It is vital to keep the combustion process safe and efficient because a small leakage can cause the emission of dangerous gasses. The risk that comes with a carbon monoxide leak is huge, and it can cause severe illness and even death in some cases. Carbon monoxide is odorless and is very difficult to notice. That’s why you need an annual furnace tune-up to keep your family members safe. Moreover, carbon monoxide can cause dizziness, nausea, loss of consciousness, shortness in breath and death in extreme cases. Therefore, a tune-up can detect a source of potential leakage and correct it immediately.

  • Extended Your Furnace lifespan

You don’t want to be spending money regularly on purchasing a new Furnace. An annual tune-up can keep your furnace in tip-top shape. Tune-up would also ensure that the furnace does not suffer from a heavy breakdown which can reduce its lifespan. A furnace comprises of many electrical and mechanical components which work together. Malfunction of any component without early detection can cause a heavy system to break down. This is why you should not wait for a complete system failure before you carry out an annual tune-up. Also, malfunctions in the ignition system, filter or gas pressure can result in high energy consumption and heavy bills.

  • Proper Airflow

Without the right air circulation, your family members can have asthma, other breathing-related problems or general illness. An annual furnace tune-up can ensure that adequate air is distributed to the room with the right temperature. If the furnace is circulating a bad air, then your family members can suffer from respiratory issues. Professional furnace tune ups check the ventilation system and lower pressures of the heating system, which could impact positively on energy consumption.

  • Keeps you warm and comfortable

Keeping your household warm during the winter season is one of the reasons to purchase a furnace. If it can’t keep you warm, then the aim is defeated. No one loves waking up in the middle of the night feeling code. But unfortunately, without an annual tune, the system can break down in the middle of the night when there is no aid for you. This can expose you and other family members to the dangers of cold, which can negatively impact your health and finance. Carrying out an annual finance tune-up before winter can assure you that the system would not break down. An emergency repair is also very discomforting as it can consume your time.

  • Maintains Your Warranty

Warranties are aimed at preventing high expenses on equipment repairs. Most Furnace manufacturer advises consumers to tune-up their devices annually. You can lose your warranty if you fail to carry out routine maintenance. This implies that if you want to maintain your warranty and save cost in the long run, then you must carry out an annual furnace tune-up. A yearly tune-up can keep your warranty for up to 15 years or as specified by the manufacturer.

  • Improves Efficiency

Cleaning and inspection of the furnace burner and heat exchanger is among the activity that carried out during a furnace tune-up. This ensures for optimum efficiency, which can lower energy consumption up to 30%, save you so much in bills and ensures for safe operation. A professional furnace tune-up can easily detect poor insulation and bad ductwork which can allow heat to escape and cause the system to consume more energy.


Professional furnace tune-up professionals would handle all your furnace needs. They would provide your system with the servicing and maintenance it needs.  A tune-up can detect dangers, maintain manufacturer warranty, optimize energy consumption and keep you safe and happy all the time.  A well-maintained furnace will last you much longer and offer you greater return on investment. It also ensures that your family is safe from health challenges.



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