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How To Create A Family Garden

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Creating a garden that is perfect for the family is easier than ever, whether you’re a professional designer such as Orange County Landscaping Pros or just a keen gardener who enjoys being outside. Gardens play an integral part in keeping your family active and happy, particularly during the summer months, and whether you’re looking to host a summer BBQ with all of your extended family and friends, or you’re looking for a quiet area for you and your loved one to cultivate and enjoy, there are plenty of ways that you can create the perfect family garden.

Adding In Benches

Benches are often an overlooked feature in gardens, but they can play a key part in your family garden. From older family members using benches as a place to sit and relax in your garden, to youngsters using the benches as a play-thing, there are numerous purposes for this feature. If you have trees in your garden, then you may want to invest in tree benches, to provide an attractive, long-lasting and eye-catching addition to your garden. With so many shapes, styles and sizes to choose from, the aesthetic opportunities are endless when you add a bench to your outside area.

The Right Ratio Of Patio & Grass

Finding the right ratio of patio area and grass area is ideal for ensuring that your family garden is perfect for all. Many children will enjoy running around and exploring the grass, whereas older family members will appreciate the use of a patio for relaxation and downtime. Having the perfect ratio will allow you to keep all family members happy, while ensuring that your garden remains an attractive area for all to enjoy.

Raised Flower Beds

Raising your flower beds can help to keep your plants protected and safe from vigorous playtime by children, and can also aid older individuals if they are looking to get their hands dirty with planting. In addition to this, if you have dogs, then growing plants and vegetables in raised flower beds can help to protect them from being trampled!

Hard-Wearing Lawns

Finding a durable turf mix for your lawn can help to ensure that your grass-areas are rejuvenated after a long summer of use. Some grass seed mixes will contain an element known as rye grass, which can help any thin patches of grass to recover. This can also help to aid recovery in any problem areas which are withering due to excessive shade or as a result of poor soils under the grass.

Casual Seating

Introducing seating across the garden, particularly in any wilder parts, can be beneficial for both children and adults looking for a rest. Casual seating can range from beanbags or chairs, all the way to hammocks, or even just strategically placed pillows (which will need to be brought inside during the winter months), and all of these can provide an element of comfort to your garden.

Private Corners

All family members will benefit from their very own private corners, and while adults may prefer a gazebo or specific patio area by the BBQ, children would benefit from their own private tent. This allows them to develop their social skills with other children, and develop a form of responsibility in looking after their very own private area. It can help to give adults a break too! However, not any gazebo would serve every purpose perfectly. In the case of a home with children, it’s best to invest in a compact gazebo as it is built for optimum durability. These options are perfect for outdoor events like parties and are resistant to wear and tear.


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  • I love gardening! You have some great ideas here, but I’m more of a indoor gardener.

  • I love the idea of creating a family garden. I never thought about doing something like this, but it would be good to have.

  • I plant a flower and veggie garden each spring. I think the flower garden adds beauty to your home and I like spending time outside as it gets warmer.

  • Thanks for the good tips and it;s pretty too1

  • I want to build a flower bed for my granddaughter to plant flowers.

  • Isn’t that pretty. Don’t you find tulips very short-lived though?

  • Good tips! I never thought of a raised bed for flowers or a garden so they aren’t trampled by pets. Although I think our dogs would still ruin a garden – they’d eat everything! LOL


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