4 Tips When Using a Dummy for a Newborn or Baby

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Newborns and babies aren’t always easy to keep happy, and dummies often keep newborns and babies calm and relatively happy. Here’s a guide not only to find the best dummies for newborns and babies but 5 things to look for in them. 

Dummies can cause delayed speech, dental problems and tummy infections if not used properly. Be sure to look at more advice on dummies to ensure that you’re using them properly. 


Try Use An Orthodontic Dummy 

Adapting your babies or newborns dummy which adapts to the babies mouth is a very sensible choice. For example, Phillip’s AVENT dummy is a perfect choice for when choosing a dummy. 

There’s hundreds of choices when it comes to dummies or ‘Pacifiers’ – using a product comparison website like BestProductsUK is perfect for this. 

Using an orthodontic dummy can ensure that the dummy has a perfect fit and furthers reliability due to no issues with comfortability. 

Keep It Clean: Clean Whenever Possible 

Keeping your pacifier or dummy needs to be cleaned constantly, although Professor Rock encourages that parents lick their babies’ dummy to transmit helpful microbes, and there is evidence that this reduces the risk of eczema.  

It’s highly recommended that licking your own baby’s dummy is the best way to clean a dummy, however, some parents may be uncomfortable with doing this, so sterilizing the product is often sufficient. But, cleaning the dummy constantly may cause the dummy to become weak, so regularly buying new dummies is recommended. 

Never Force Your Newborn or Baby With The Dummy 

Not all babies like using dummies. If your baby repeatedly refuses a dummy, do not force them to take it. Some studies have suggested that finger or thumb-sucking may give a similar benefit, but even if your baby does not do this, following other safer sleep advice such as not smoking and placing your baby to sleep on their back will still significantly lower their chance of SIDS.

Check For Cracks, Splits and Holes

Cracks, splits and holes can trap germs, harmful ones that can harm your baby or newborn, especially that of newborns.

Summary – Safe Uses of Dummies/Pacifiers 

Here is advice from the NHS regarding safe use of dummies and pacifiers: 

  • Never use a dummy with a neck cord or other attachments as this may lead to choking.
  • Don’t force your baby to take a dummy or put it back in if your baby spits it out.
  • Don’t put anything sweet on the dummy.
  • Keep it as clean as possible by regularly sterilizing as you would any other bottle or feeding teat.
  • Check dummies regularly as cracks, splits and holes can trap germs


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