Adora Dolls, spreading Love & Joy!!


Adora has amazing dolls, but when I came across My First Adora, I had to get it for Kendall. Kendall is my friend’s 17 month old. Kendall plays with her dolly everyday, for hours. Taking care of her, feeding her (with the cute feeding set they sent), and changing her. She’s such a smart little girl. Kendall is a sweet heart, and she loves her doll. You can tell by the picture below, just how much she loves this doll.

The My First Adora Doll comes in 3 styles. They are from $32.99 – $34.99. Super price for so much fun, if you ask me. Then for an extra little bit, you can get accessories. This will make any little girl’s day.

It will be love at 1st hug! These babies have ultra-soft squeezable bodies perfect for hugging, kissing and everything in between! Includes a magnetic pacifier & clothes are removable. . .100% Machine Washable! Ages 1+

My First Adora’s have ultra-soft squeezable bodies perfect for hugging, toting, kissing and everything in between for babies 12 months and up! Removable clothes and magnetic pacifier encourage little ones to nurture and role play with their babies, just like they see their parents do! – See more here .


There are also dolls for older kids, there are dolls for 6+, and these dolls are honestly so nice. I have one, for my 17 year old daughter. She has it on her bed. Once in a while, I will see her playing with it, still. She loves that doll, as if it were a real baby.


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  • I love Adora dolls! My girls have two of them and they are so adorable. I love the My first Adora doll pictured. It’s so cute!!


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