9 Best Natural Pharmaceutical Products

While pharmacy drugs can offer quick cures to common ailments, often they aren’t worth the side effects. We all react differently to medications, and nothing is worse than trading one illness for another.

This is all the more reason to look for natural substances that make us feel better without making us sick again. These nine substances are all easily found, relatively cheap, and serve as great holistic solutions to many ailments. 


#1 CBD

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is derived from the marijuana plant but is not hallucinogenic. It, instead, has been found to treat many common illnesses like anxiety and nausea. It is most notably used to treat children’s epilepsy. Researchers, however, keep finding more uses for it. For example, it is being used to ease pain from arthritis.

The CBD flower is found in hemp products, but can also be converted into oil. It is also completely non-addictive.

#2 Melatonin

This has become quite possibly the most popular sleep aid out there. Melatonin is a natural hormone found in the body. It increases in darkness, which causes the body to fall asleep. This supplement simply adds melatonin into your system to ensure a long and restful sleep. It is also used to treat narcolepsy and sleep apnea.

#3 Chamomile

Tea drinkers should recognize this herb. Chamomile is a tea that contains flavonoids, nutrients that do great things for the body.

More specifically, Chamomile is one way to treat the common cold. It also is known to reduce inflammation and even prevent diabetes. A study has shown that, when introducing chamomile to rats, their glucose levels went down.

#4 L-Theanine

Ever grab a cup of tea and feel an overwhelming ease of tension? That is most likely L-theanine doing its job. This amino acid is found in most tea leaves L-theanine is known to be very relaxing to the human body. A study has shown that L-theanine induces a state of rest for the brain. This is why a cup of tea can be a good thing to drink before bedtime. Another study found that L-theanine can enhance the immune system.

#5 Panax Ginseng

This version of ginseng might be the best general anti-stress natural remedy. Panax Ginseng can alleviate the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and general stress and fatigue. It also is used to combat more intense mental health disorders, such as Alzheimer’s. It has been shown to improve concentration.

#6 Curcumin

Fan of Indian food? Curcumin is a great natural substance found in turmeric, which is a main ingredient in curry. The big characteristics in curcumin that makes it healthy is its anit-oxident quantity. Curcumin consumption can improve blood flow big time.

The issue with curcumin is that it is not as abundant as these other products. It only comprises 3% of turmeric, so it isn’t like having a high curry diet will affect your cardiovascular health. The best way to increase your curcumin intake is to take a supplement.

#7 Allicin

One of the most easily accessible products, Allicin is a compound found in garlic. It contains very powerful antioxidants, and it reduces inflammation.

It is for these reasons that, similar to curcumin, allicin is also very good for cardiovascular health. A study has shown consuming allicin can lower cholesterol. It also fights heart disease, diabetes, and loads of other heart related illnesses. It is a great way to help cardiovascular health in general.

#8 Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola is an herb found in mountainous areas in Europe and Asia. This plant is an extremely potent stress reducer, as it is often taken to reduce fatigue. This is a great product to ingest when you’re burned out or anxious.

This substance also works quickly. Patients who have taken this drug noticed vast improvement in only 3 days.

#9 Noopept

This can be taken to reduce trauma, but its effects are also very quick to activate, usually only taking minutes to feel. Noopept is very useful in helping patients recover from brain injuries.

Noopept is also very similar to Piracetam, another natural aid. Piracetam is mostly used to restore memory loss.

One benefit to using natural pharmaceutical products is the cost. Whether you buy supplements, or consume them organically, you might find that you save much more money than buying your usual pill or vitamin.



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