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Importance of First Aid

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First aid as a concept is something that everyone should know. We see it used on T.V. shows and movies, and we may even see it used in viral videos. However, the number of people who know basic first aid is low. This scarcity might be because many people may not be interested in it or think they will never need it, which is untrue. First aid could be useful at any place, knowing it can help save a person’s life. That is why it is vital to enroll in a first aid course, as it will prepare you for a time when it is required. In this article, you will learn the importance of first aid and understand its significance. 

Allows To Treat People During Emergencies:

Whenever someone is injured, the medical care they receive can impact how badly the patient deteriorates overtime. As seen in cases like heart attacks or strokes; there could be no blood flow to the brain. If the brain does not receive oxygen for 5 minutes, then it can lead to brain damage. If someone is on-site to perform chest compressions, they could delay tissue death until emergency services arrive. After which, they can then take care of the patient in a better state. Those trained in first aid will provide proper chest compressions and CPR, vital in saving someone’s life. Plus, these are not the only areas of focus in a first aid course. Students learn how to reduce bleeding or how to apply a splint to immobilize broken bones. These first aid methods will make it easier for emergency services to treat the patient as they are transported to and at the hospital. Knowledge about first aid can save lives during emergencies, which is why it’s valuable to receive training from facilities like CPR Toronto and other emergency response training centers.

Calms The Patient And Others:

When someone is injured, people tend to gather around and panic. This can lead to the patient panicking and hence, being short of breath in their already weakened state, which might lead them to worsen their injuries unintentionally. Someone with training in first aid means that they can provide the immediate medical attention necessary for a patient’s survival. These trained individuals will also know how to delegate the help that they might need. If more people are gathering, those in the crowd will think that it is someone’s job and disregard responsibility, otherwise known as the bystander effect. 

Makes The Workplace And Home Safer:

If your workplace or home has someone trained in first aid, it means that they will be able to attend to anyone with injuries immediately and provide the proper care. They will also be able to assess whether or not any emergency services might need calling. Those trained in first aid will also be aware of any risks that their actions could have, which means that their mishap rate might be lower than before they had their first aid course. There are many types of businesses required to have people trained in first aid to tend to any injured as emergency services arrive. This is the scenario in companies with more manual labor jobs than anything else. 


There are many benefits you could gain from enrolling yourself in a first aid course. Not only treating the injured and potentially saving their lives but also in providing reassurance to them and the surrounding people. You would be servicing the community and developing your empathy skills; it is beneficial to both society and you.



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