8 Foods and Beverages to Avoid When Dieting!

When it comes to diet and exercise, there seems to be one of two types of people: one type has an easier time dieting but not so much exercising.

The easier time exercising, but not as much dieting. I find myself very much in the second group: exercise, generally speaking, I don’t have an issue with and getting done.

But the dieting is certainly the hardest part. So, what’s a good strategy to help in getting folks like us in the process of not only exercising consistently but eating?

As we should too? Well, let’s not look at the good things we should be eating first. In fact, you might want to find out how to lose weight on a ketogenic diet program, which is a popular way to lose weight. However, let’s remain on track and take a look at some common foods that we may enjoy now that we definitely need to rid ourselves of to get in better shape. Once you’ve gotten that down, alongside the exercise, then you can make a move towards eating better food.

Let’s look at 8 foods to definitely avoid when dieting.

  1. Alcohol.

Drinking isn’t bad for you in smaller portions but an average wine drinker will consume more than 2,000 calories extra per month. Whether you drink wine or not, the body burns alcohol before it burns anything else. Meaning if you have too much in your system then it’ll take your body longer to get to burning fat, which is the end goal.

  1. Value Sized Cereal boxes.

Studies from Cornell University show that people eat 22% more when eating from the larger packages. And no matter how you try to justify it (if you’re like me anyways) you’ll eat more per bowl than you would with a smaller box. So, get the more conservative boxes of cereal when shopping.

  1. Whole milk.

While it’s a go-to for many families it’s worse for you than say skimmed milk and such because it has extra fat and cholesterol. If you get some of the different milk options, you can enjoy the taste without the calories.

  1. So called low fat foods.

These are something you want to be careful of because you very well may eat more of these foods, having the idea in mind that since it’s less calories you can eat more. But that truly isn’t helping you in the long run. And a lot of the natural elements of such foods are replaced with chemicals in order to justify the words low fat, so you want to keep an eye out on these products.

  1. Potato chips.

There are tons of them out there, and they all taste great, but they’re very much not good for you. Many studies link eating potato chips with gaining weight and even show that they can contribute more weight gain per serving than any other food. They’re good, but not good for you at all.

  1. Soda/Sugary drinks.

This is a hard one for me personally, I must admit, but these suckers aren’t good for your weight at all. They are strongly associated with weight gains and have been proven to cause that multiple times over. They have a lot of calories, but your body doesn’t register them as solid food; you don’t feel full from drinking them, and so you add more and more calories on top of what you normally consume.

  1. Candy bars.

This one may be obvious, but we have to hit the common, obvious ones. Candy bars are very unhealthy and contain tons of sugar, added oils, and more. They’re very high in calories and low in nutritional value. It’s hard to turn these down considering they’re everywhere and are available in tons of options, but you want to avoid these if you’re aiming to lose weight for sure.

  1. Coffee drinks.

Plain coffee by itself isn’t too bad for you, but the flavored extra stuff isn’t good for you, any more than a soda. The chemicals that are contained in these products can boost your metabolism temporarily, but the ingredients, artificial cream and sugar and such, are very bad for you. Like a soda, they are loaded with empty calories that can equal what you’d get out of a meal, but these too don’t fill you correctly so you’re much more prone to adding far too many calories.



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