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6 Tips that will Help You Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Than Ever.

If you assess my makeup application skills based on school levels, I will undoubtedly be a tenth grader. I know how to slap on some blush and lippies, sure, but I am not good enough with contouring or more complicated stuff to start my channel online.

All my ideas about beauty, I have learned them through countless days and nights of experimenting with different cosmetics. Since my pet-peeve is making my eyes look smaller, however, there have been occasions in which my efforts go the other way around.

It made me so frustrated then when I could only enlarge the appearance of the windows to my soul, yet I never foresaw that such techniques could help another gal pal out. Without much ado, here are the six tips that will help you make your eyes look bigger.

  1. Conceal the Dark Circles

The dark circles under the eyes are almost part of an adult’s daily life. Whether your party too much or finish a project beyond the working hours, if you are not snoozing on your bedtime, those eyebags will become prominent the next day.

In case it cannot be avoided, you can apply concealer on the area to hide the shadows of sleep deprivation. The proper concealing product should be one shade warmer and lighter compared to your skin tone. Your goal is to illuminate these dark circles as if you had enough rest last night.

Even out the concealer with a blending sponge or just your hands. For best results, put concealer on the eyelids and around it as well.

  1. Fix the Brows

I hope the thick eyebrow trend has not influenced you as you need groom it to make your eyes appear bigger.

When you leave the stray hairs there, the attention of the onlookers will be on it. They can no longer appreciate the beauty of the eyes. This is why you have to outline your brows into the arches that can accentuate the windows to your soul.

Pluck, shave, or wax it – what’s important is the output flatters the eye shape. Brush the brows up after the grooming process to define it.

  1. Use the Right Eyeshadows

 Another trick that you may pull out of the bag when you want to create a larger illusion for your eyes is filling in the creases between the upper and the lower lids. Not only the Asians can benefit from this, but also the models who want to look expressive in the pictures or the runway.

From my experience, I have noticed how my eyes always seem larger when I use the all-time favorite MAC eyeshadows. You can click here to choose the best Mac eyeshadows at

There are choices available for every eye color, but the go-to shade of many people I know is the medium brown. Spread it with a fluffy brush to make it look natural.

Sometimes, you can try all the new eyeshadow techniques, but your eyes might fail to pop. You shouldn’t hold your makeup adventures back because of your eye shape. Give this upper blepharoplasty a chance.

  1. Line the Lids

If you have seen cartoons or animations, the large eyes are the most expressive. Since we are in the real world, you can only achieve that with eyeliners.

The idea about an eyeliner is that it seems to open up your small eyes, especially once you utilize the black color. Even though you do not go under the knife, the ones you meet will most likely think that your eyes are big.

The basic lining of the lids is fine for beginners, but try to learn how to add wings or do different styles soon.

  1. Enhance the Lashes

Do you have long, straight eyelashes? If you do, then that may contribute to the problem if you leave that as is.

There are a couple of ways to curl the lashes now. For the conventional method, just purchase a high-quality clumping curler to bend your eyelashes upward. In case you wish to sample a different technique, you may as well get a heated curling tool and see which one works the best for you.

Considering that you have already arched your lashes towards the sky, it’s time to apply some mascara above and below. Think of volume and length so that when you open your eyes, the eyelashes can widen their appearance.

  1. Highlight the Eyes

If you are not a fan of kohl or navy blue eyeliners, you can still enhance your eyes with pearly highlighters and white liner. What matters is that you know which colors match your skin tone.

You may utilize the white eyeliner on the waterline to make the eyes appear very much awake. For the eyeshadow, use the creamy variety to allow it to shine.

In Conclusion

The tips on how to make your eyes look bigger than ever are already given above. It is possible that you may be aware of some of them, but for the ones that you have just heard of, the key is to practice practice and practice.



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