6 Tips For Effective Drug Detox

Detox is the sudden withdrawal of drugs from your body. Most people need to detoxify regularly. The main goal is to get rid of any remaining drug substance. Since drug detox isn’t an easy process, it can be life-threatening, especially for drug addicts. Withdrawing from the drug will make you both physically and emotionally ill since you have become dependent on the drug for your system to function.

During detoxification, various medications help patients examine and control their withdrawal symptoms effectively, comfortably, and in a controlled environment. Since different people have different experiences with detox, the effect differs from the type of drug used to the duration taken to detox. Below are tips for an effective drug detox for a quick recovery. You can also research the addiction treatment center near me for more information.

  1. Increase Your Water Intake

Water is an essential fluid in the body. It aids in flushing away harmful substances from the body. A lot of fluids are needed to keep the organs detoxifying. You have to restore the water lost after diarrhea and vomiting. Some detox patients experience extreme sweating and runny nose, thus needing more water to cool down the running temperatures. For proper hydration, take at least three liters of water. It doesn’t necessarily mean pure water but juicy fruits, tea, or even coffee and chocolate intake.

  1. Practice Breathing Exercises

The lungs have stretch receptors that conceal the nerves when you take a deep breath. When you breathe out, the toxins and stress are exhaled. Enough oxygen in your cells enhances drug detox too. Begin by looking for a quiet and comfortable place. Close your eyes and keep your mind clean. Through your nose, take a deep breath to your diaphragm. Continue holding that breath for up to seven seconds, then push it out for eight seconds. For a night of better sleep, practice deep breaths for ten minutes before bedtime

  1. Lean On Your Support System

Don’t avoid detox center personnel who try to solace you. Never feel ashamed asking for help. The detox center staff wants the best for you, and they are there for friendly and non-judgmental talks. Speak out the suppressed annoyance and frustrations. Connect with your loved ones if you feel comfortable talking about your progress. You can even choose to write an old-fashioned letter to your friends and relatives.

  1. Stay Physically Active

Regular exercises will help you through the drug detox process. Getting your blood pumping releases a heartwarming hormone called dopamine, which plays a vital role in body functioning. You can also take a walk, swim laps in a detox center’s pool, or even engage in a more friendly game like basketball or football. When cravings hit, move around to divert your mind from indulging in drugs. The drug detox process can be challenging, but it’s worth going through it.

  1. Stick With A Nutritious Diet

Drug withdrawal will empty your whole digestive system. Eat plenty of healthy foods even when you aren’t hungry. Your body calls for more nutrients, especially those rich in vitamin C and niacin, to carry you through detox. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables each day, together with proteins from fish meat, lean meat, and legumes. Also, chicken soup helps in drug detox, so it’s advised to drink it in plenty.

  1. Check Into A Certified Detox Centre

Trying to quit drugs on your own isn’t safe since some drugs may cause extreme withdrawal side effects. You need to know how severe your condition is. Some drugs like alcohol cause seizures during detox. You could also give in to drugs and even overdose. It’s high time you looked for a detox program that can aid in supervision and support. A certified drug detox personnel will provide you with proper medication to help in detox.

What Happens After Detox?

Detox is the first stage of addiction treatment. It helps one recover fully, and it pushes addicts to seek more help in a rehabilitation center once they are through with their detox program. For better treatment, the person’s drug abuse and associated medical conditions need to be addressed. Treatment should be administered according to the individual’s gender, age, ethics, and cultural beliefs.

Though medication can still be used, behavioral therapies are the most effective treatment for drug abuse. The main goal of drug detox treatment is to bring back the addict to their productive functioning in the family and community at large. Just like chronic diseases, drug-addicted patients also relapse. This simply means that they need some adjustments in their treatment. Note that a relapse doesn’t occur mainly because the treatment wasn’t successful but indicates that the patient needs more focus to change their deteriorated behaviors. 

Can You Detox At Home?

Doctors object to detoxing at home, stating that it’s very risky and dangerous. At home, many exposures could trigger one to go back to drugs. Some drugs like alcohol, if left untreated, cause delirium tremens (DT), a condition that can cause stroke, heart attack, or even death, making it more difficult to detox at home. It’s essential to seek help from a drug detox center, physician, or therapist to assist you with your detox endeavor. They can help you understand your treatment options better and even guide you on how to detox from your drug of choice.

Are There Different Types Of Detox?

The answer is yes. Various certified detoxification programs are suitable for patients’ clinical and psychiatric needs. This consists of clinical personnel made up of physicians and nurses who use certain medications for safe detoxification. Medical detoxification is provided according to one’s medical or psychiatric needs. While patients with more complicated medical issues are likely to require detoxification in an inpatient setting, others detoxify on an outpatient or residential basis.


Drug detox isn’t something to worry about. With the appropriate guidance from qualified drug detox staff, you can successfully go through the addiction treatment process. Individuals with drug addiction require detoxification to live a healthy, fulfilling life. It might take time, but you are sure to detox safely if you follow the above-highlighted tips.


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