Out-of-the-box gifts for newborns that parents will love

Buying gifts for newborns can be a difficult task, especially if you’ve never had kids yourself. There’s so much out there to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Plus, there’s a fine line between that one thing they’ll use every day and that other thing they’ll put in their closet and forget all about.

The best gifts are the ones that make mum and dad’s life easier, whether it’s the equipment they hesitate to buy for themselves – or simply things they haven’t thought of. From health-inspired gifts to play equipment, here are our favorite out-of-the-box gifts for newborns (that parents will absolutely love). 


 For the health-conscious parent

 A nasal aspirator 

It might come as a surprise if you don’t have kids, but babies aren’t able to blow their own noses. This means up until about age two, parents need to rely on other methods to get the job done. These range from saline nasal spray to bulb syringes (which pull the mucus out), but the latest and greatest in nose-clearing technology is a nasal aspirator – sometimes nicknamed a “snotsucker”. Invented by a doctor and recommended by parents, this device will clear that annoying snotty nose in no time. 

 A no-touch thermometer  

There are plenty of reasons why a thermometer will come in handy. A no-touch thermometer is great because you don’t have to worry about wrestling with a feverish and grumpy child to stick it in their mouth – plus they’re perfect for taking their temperature whilst they’re sleeping. 

 For the practical parent

A portable changing station 

New parents hear a lot about what makes the best nappy bag, but with a portable changing station, they won’t have to worry about hauling a big bag into a changeroom ever again. These nifty inventions can easily be slipped into a stroller or clipped onto another bag, and the changing pad zips off so it can be easily rinsed in the sink. 

 A bib 

If you’re looking for a more traditional baby present, what about a cute bib? With the arrival of a newborn comes the inevitable onset of drool, milk splatters and spilt food, and bibs save parents from having to constantly wash their baby’s clothes after every meal. If you want a really stylish option, you could opt for a matching hat, bib and bootie set. 

Baby food maker

A baby food maker is a luxurious item that many parents won’t think to buy for themselves. This is precisely why it makes such a good present, delivering perfectly mashed, steamed, blended, defrosted or warmed baby food with just the simple push of a button. 

A baby monitor

Baby monitors are the perfect way for parents to get things done whilst remaining attentive to their baby’s needs. Once again, if parents are buying it for themselves, they might opt for a cheaper audio-only baby monitor. But if you’re giving it as a gift, it’s the perfect excuse to pay a bit extra and go for a video monitor, which not only looks more stylish, but will also prove extra useful as the child becomes more mobile. 

 For the parent (and baby) who loves play

If you want something practical, but will also invoke a little joy, a gift to encourage play is perfect. 

 A play gym 

A good play gym will provide a baby with hours of fun and learning. Look for a mat with plenty of things to keep them occupied, like a batting ring to help them practice their grasping reflex, or a mirror, perfect for entertaining them with their own reflection. Not only will an activity gym keep them busy, but different types of sensory learning will also encourage development of coordination and concentration. 

 A rattle

A quintessential baby gift, a rattle is a great way to keep the newborn occupied and help give mum and dad a moment of respite – even if it’s just for a minute! Whether it’s a fun, goofy rattle or a classy, designer one, there are a range of rattles out there to choose from. You can also opt for a teething rattle, which gives the baby something soothing to chew on as their teeth begin to grow. 

For the parents

It’s very easy to get caught up on a gift for the newest family member – but sometimes parents need a little love too!

 Coffee subscription 

Not strictly for the newborn, but the parents will love you for it. Gift new parents a coffee subscription for their favorite boutique coffee beans and help them get through those many bleary-eyed mornings. 

 Hand lotion 

With a new baby in the picture it’s easy for all the focus to be on the little one – yet with all that endless nappy changing and hand washing, adult hands become dry, raw and cracked. Gifting some luxurious hand lotion will not only deliver some much-needed TLC for mum and dad, but hopefully remind them to focus on themselves every now and then.

There’s no doubt that parenting can be a challenging, all-consuming (and incredibly rewarding) task, but with any one of these gifts you can show just how much you care – and rest-assured knowing you’re hopefully making their life that tiny bit easier. 



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