6 Signs of Blood Disorders That Can be A Potential Risk

Blood disorders vary greatly in risk due to a few different factors. Some blood disorders could be cancerous, while others might be benign. However, a Hematologist will be able to diagnose a potential blood disorder or blood disease accurately should you feel you are undergoing abnormal symptoms that you are not used. Your red blood cells, white blood cells, or even platelets could be attached by a disease which can cause very severe imbalances in the body.

It is important to note that these potential signs are for primary informational purposes only, and you should always consult your doctor or a licensed Hematologist to discern whether you are being affected by a blood disorder. Your doctor will likely require for you to receive what are called, haematology scans, that can accurately show whether your blood cells are under attack. Seven signs of blood disorders that can be a potential risk to your health include the following:

  1. Joint and bone pains across your body.

This is quite a common symptom that tends to feel as if it originates within your joints.

  1. Headaches.

While headaches are common to most people, headaches associated with blood disorders are slightly different in that they are very long-lasting. They must not be confused with migraines, so it is important to consult a doctor if you are experiencing long-lasting headaches and are beginning to appear very pale during these episodes.

  1. Small spots or blotches on your skin.

You are beginning to find small dots appearing on your skin that are purple or red in colour and are located on your face, chest, arms, or even your back. This occurs when blood vessels begin to pop all over your body, but they are easily mistaken for rashes or irritations.

  1. Swollen glands

Swollen glands around the stomach or lymph nodes are another symptom to watch out for related to blood disorders. If you find that you can see lumps and bumps related to your glands not only protruding but lasting longer than one week, you should definitely consult a doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Low energy & fatigue

Your blood is responsible for continually supplying your body with nutrients that are then converted to energy. So, if you are feeling an overwhelming amount of low energy and fatigue that is not cured through a proper diet and sleep routine, this could be a symptom attributed to a potential blood disorder.

  1. Bruising easily.

Your blood is not properly able to perform its primary functions when blood disorders happen. This means that bruising and bleeding can occur very quickly and appear to be much worse than regular bruises you may have experienced in the past.

If you begin to notice bruising in areas that you would not normally ever have bruising in, you should definitely keep an eye on this potential symptom and keep a note of any other potential issues you might be experiencing. Alternatively, bleeding might be a more significant issue as the coagulants in your blood might not work as intended, which will make it exceedingly difficult to stop any wounds from bleeding.

  1. Persisting fevers.

With blood disorders, the body’s natural abilities to fight off infections are usually hindered. The blood helps your immune system remain active, and with any problems impacting your blood, you might find that fevers and infections persist for more extended periods and seem to be harder to fight off.


You must see a medical professional if you feel you are suffering from some or all of these symptoms. Blood disorders and diseases are severe issues that can potentially be cancerous.



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