How Are Bidets More Beneficial Than Toilets

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While everybody is familiar with what a toilet is, the same cannot be said about a bidet. To many, a bidet is a foreign concept perhaps because it is not too commonly found in people’s homes. However, it is worth considering but what is it?

What are bidets?

A bidet refers to a plumbing fixture, similar in make to a sink that is put in place for the purpose of cleansing the lower body. It is used in washing the genitalia, perineum, the inner buttocks and the anus. A bidet is often placed next to a toilet. However, in some places toilets have bidet features built into them.

It might be uncomfortable to use a bidet at first but one gets used to it with time. It is actually advisable to take advantage of a bidet whenever you come across a toilet that has one.

What is the difference between a toilet and a bidet?

A toilet and a bidet have some similarities when it comes to appearance, especially because a bidet is often in the same color as the toilet. However the toilet is used for disposal of urine and feces. There are various types of toilets in the market such as urinals, squat toilets, flush and composting toilets. After using toilets, you have to use some toilet paper to clean the lower area.

A bidet is solely for cleaning. You cannot dispose urine or feces in it.

How are bidets more beneficial ?

Bidets promote personal hygiene

When you use a toilet paper germs can transfer from the anus to the vulva.  Toilet paper also contains some dangerous toxins because of how they are manufactured. These toxins such as dioxin could affect our health. Toilet paper sometimes leaves some residue on your skin. Bidets however clean more thoroughly. They leave you feeling cleaner, fresher and even healthier. They help you cut down on infections.

Bidets save you money and reduce amount of waste from your household

Bidets help you cut down on toilet paper use. As such you will not have to keep spending so much money on toilet paper. Using lots of toilet paper whenever you go to the bathroom means you have to keep flushing your toilet every other time. It also means you have to get your septic tanks cleaned frequently. A bidet being more effective in cleaning helps you cut down the amount you spend in maintaining your personal hygiene and the cleanliness of your toilet. It also ensures that there is less packaging to dispose off from your house.

A bidet is more comfortable for your skin

When you use a toilet paper after using the toilet, your skin could get irritated. Toilet paper is usually dry and might not be the most comfortable option. A bidet is less irritating to the skin and is more comfortable. In fact it gives you the option of warm water if you do not like the idea of using cold water. It allows you to vary the temperature and intensity of water you use. Some bidets will even provide air drying options which have a soothing effect. They could also help in elimination of anal itching.

Bidets come in simple and affordable models

Just like there are many types of toilets in the market, the same applies from bidets. While it is true that traditional bidet models were actually expensive there are more affordable ones in the market today. The more costly models available allow you to sit and air dry so you do not have to buy toilet paper or towels to dry. However, if you get a cheaper model that does not have a dedicated air-drying function you can just pat yourself dry after the bidet has done its job.

You have the option of getting a conventional or attachable bidet. The conventional one is separate from the toilet.  The attachable one connects right to the toilet and will only require you to remove the toilet seat to install. With the attachable bidet model, you can enjoy all the benefits of a conventional bidet but at a lower cost.

Bidets are environmentally friendly

A lot of trees are usually used in the manufacture of toilet paper every year. A lot of water is also used in the process of manufacturing rolls of toilet paper to meet the demand. Bidets are therefore more ecologically efficient since they reduce the need for toilet paper. Using a bidet ensures you use water but less of it.

It is very important to keep bidets clean. In case you encounter one that is not, inform management or avoid using it altogether.



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