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Equipment you need to clean quality rugs.

Rugs are your best option for floor coverings because they protect your floor while also adding a touch of elegance to your house design. They protect your floors from dirt and scratches, and they can quickly get dirty. Most of the time, they lie there doing their work for months or years without receiving the required cleaning.

A complete Rug cleaning Raleigh has various advantages. Still, you must pay special attention to the equipment you’ll need when cleaning the rug, as improper cleaning techniques can compromise the rug’s integrity and quality.


Best rug cleaning equipment 

Rug cleaning is a complicated procedure requiring some technical knowledge and experience. But with the right equipment, you can make this process easier. We have listed some essential equipment necessary for the quality rug cleaning process.

Dusting (Portable Duster)

This machine, also known as a mechanical harmonic vibration machine, removes all dry, non-water-soluble accumulation of dirt such as sand, grit, hair, and other contaminants. 

A standard vacuum cleaner is not the right tool for cleaning your rugs. At best, using them will give you a surface clean. On the other hand, A robust duster will vibrate the individual fibers that make up the rug, releasing any contained dirt in the process.

Rotary rug cleaner

This machine works like a brush, massaging shampoo, deodorizers, and cleaning solutions (enzymes) into the carpets to fully clean them.

Compressed air machine

Many businesses will skip the portable duster phase and go directly to the washing. Any residual particles that the duster didn’t get to can be removed with compressed air. This machine employs compressed air to drive dirt trapped within the loops and threads of the rug out.


After a thorough cleaning, the rug must be dried, and it is where the centrifuge comes into action. The centrifuge will spin at roughly 1200 RPMs or higher to remove all of the wastewater and help the rug dry as quickly as possible.

Benefits of rug cleaning 

Odor and stain Removal

Rugs enhance the look of your home, but they also protect your floors. They are frequently stepped on to protect your flooring, and this high traffic activity can lead to a collection of dirt and germs on the rug. 

A buildup of grime and dirt can unintentionally produce a foul odor that will stink up the entire space. Getting your rug cleaned by an expert will make it look brand new and smell fresh. 

Increase in the Rug’s Lifespan

Regular cleaning of your rugs extends their life. Debris in the rug pile can cause the fibers to crack and weaken over time as it accumulates. A thorough cleaning will return the rug to its original condition, extending its lifespan by several years.

If you pay close attention to your rugs, you’ll notice that regions with a lot of traffic become darker with time. It is because heavy traffic equals more filth and weight on the rug. Over time, this increased weight causes the rug pile to collapse, trapping and sealing in even more dirt. If you don’t clean the rug with the right equipment, then it can cause the rug to deteriorate and eventually be ruined.

Allergen Reduction

A dirty rug is essentially an allergy-dumping ground. It can cause respiratory and allergic problems if they get into the air. All of this can be avoided by having the rug cleaned at the appropriate periods.

Final Thoughts

We mentioned some of the equipment necessary to clean the quality rugs. As a general guideline, most rugs should be cleaned every 12-18 months. However, depending on various conditions, you may want to clean your rugs more or less often. 

Furthermore, it is recommended that you outsource the cleaning process to qualified personnel with extensive experience. You’ll not only get a thorough, quality clean, but you’ll also protect your rug from the harm that improper cleaning can cause.


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