5 Useful Tools that Every Household Must Have

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Tools are integral to the smooth running of operations in a home, this is because accidents often happen and various things around the house break down or require constant maintenance hence the need for these tools. These tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each unique to its own function. A simple maintenance exercise may require one or more of these items.

We are going to highlight a few of these tools, their uses, storage, and how to maintain them in order to be able to take care of the small home projects.

1.Scroll or band saw.

This equipment used for cutting plastic and wooden material. They differ in terms of their specialization where by the scroll or band saw is better suited for cutting thicker materials at a faster speed, while the band saw is more appropriate for precision and high accuracy curved cuts as it allows the user to guide the material through the saw during cutting.

2.The drill bit that is used to bore holes through a material.

The drill comes equipped with a variety of drill bits such as square drive and slotted bits which will ensure ease when carrying out any repair that arises. While a drill can be electrically driven, some come manually operated. Either of the two works perfectly. In purchasing the electric drill, make sure you have power in your locality.

3.Adjustable crescent wrench.

This apparatus helps to loosen and tighten loose bolts and nuts. Due to the fact that it is adjustable, it will serve for all bolts and nuts in your house since you only have to adjust the gripping area to fit the size of the bolt you will wish to work on.

4. A claw hammer.

Another basic tool that every homeowner should possess in their homes. Claw hammers come in a diversity of shapes and sizes and their uses are dictated by the size of the nails being used. Basically, the larger the nail the heavier the hammer to be used. When using a claw hammer, make sure you follow all the precautions necessary to avoid injuries. Also make sure you use correct hammers for the right job to avoid any breakages.

5.  A step ladder.

Some repair and maintenance works may be situated in areas out of your reach, and a step ladder comes in handy in such a situation. This tool allows the user to elongate their reach and can, therefore, change light bulbs with ease, remove cobwebs and hang artwork in high places with ease. Step ladder can be made of wood or metal and they vary in sizes.

These five items are among the most basic tools that every homeowner should have in their home in order to be better prepared to deal with updates, repairs and maintenance around the home without having to call for help. Like all other apparatus, these items require maintenance so that they do not degrade and lose the value. Proper storage of these equipment’s should also be observed as they can cause bodily harm when left hanging around the house.



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