6 Dangerous House-Hazards to Avoid If You Have Toddlers in Your Home

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Growing kids find the need to get themselves in trouble around the house one way or the other. Having a baby can be a wonderful endeavor for the parents and the entire family. However, parents face challenges every day with growing kids. Toddlers mainly can give their parents a tough time. As dangerous as it might seem, toddlers find it their daily job to explore the hazardous parts of the house. Instead of getting upset or worried over normal childhood behavior, you need to take necessary precautions and make subtle changes around the house. By simply implementing some changes, you will protect your little one and make your home a comfortable, safe zone for the growing babies. 

Here are a few things to consider: 


Remove Sharp Objects 

It is quite normal to have sharp objects around the house. Almost every other thing is peaked. Think of your scissors, knives, topless pens, etc. Infants can easily be protected against sharp objects, but it can be quite hard to keep track of if you have toddlers. 

You need to make sure that all the sharp objects are stored in a safe, proper spot. Keep your scissors and sharp cutlery in recommended drawers. Use proper knife stands to secure your house knife. Glass objects can turn into sharp damaging health hazards if broken. So, try to put your glassware in the higher cupboards. In case if anything breaks, clean the spot immediately and perform a detailed check. 

Remove Choking Hazards 

A toddler who crawls and you do not have the same view. We do not contact the ground, similar to how they reach. Therefore, it is mandatory to keep your floor clean all the time. Not only is dirt and debris full of contagious germs, which may lead to lifelong problems. Your toddler might also find something he’d choke on. You never know what you have left on the floor unintentionally. Doll heads, bead, screws, pieces of paper, small pieces of plastic, coins, and many other things may end up hurting your baby. Therefore, it’s recommended that you vacuum, mop, and sweep the house regularly. Don’t forget to look under the sofas as well because toddlers take their expedition very seriously. 

Take Care of Septic Tanks 

Most people are using environmental-friendly sanitation systems in their houses nowadays. Septic tanks are a great example of such systems. We are pretty clear that septic tanks require care and regular maintenance for proper function. If you have toddlers around the house, you must focus on the repair and maintenance after every year. Also, keep an eye on them. It’s only too soon that you find yourself unclogging the toilet. In the meantime, your partner checks septic tank pumping costs to hire an inspector way before your due inspection date. Starting early training for the little ones can help you raise them as responsible young people who know how to take care of the tank that is supposed to serve the family for decades. 

Secure The Windows and Doors 

Just above, we discussed the high-profile expedition skills of toddlers. Their curious minds are really interested in knowing what goes on in the outdoor world. It is convenient and better to avoid a major mishap by securing the doors and windows.

Keep your windows shut at all times. Make sure to baby-proof them as well. To avoid the chances of hurting your baby, try adding foam insulation under your doors. This will prevent any such injuries, so if someone opens the door with your baby nearby, it won’t hurt him. During the spring and summer, poisonous insects can also come inside the house if you keep your doors and windows open. To avoid insect stings and skin infections, use spray disinfectants, ultraviolet lights and avoid maintaining windows and doors opened unnecessarily. 

Remove Hazardous Chemicals 

As much as we hate doing this, having chemicals around the house is expected. We all use chemical-based products for cleaning, disinfecting, showering, and even doing the dishes. Although most of them are safe to touch, these products can be life-threatening when consumed. Detergents, soaps, and floor cleansers are typical examples of dangerous chemicals.

Your toddler can find these products in the kitchen or the bathroom. Make sure to secure and fasten the tops properly. Place these objects at a location that is not simple for your baby to reach. Make sure that you are at least buying child-friendly products, especially floor cleaners. 

Avoid Electrical Hazards 

Staying safe from electrical hazards is what we have been training for our whole life. The dangers that come with faulty electrical outlets and broken wires are regarded as fatal and lethal. Unfortunately, toddlers do not seem to get the hang of this situation when they decide to insert their hands in an electrical outlet. 

Extensions and loose wiring around the house, along with outlets that spark when you insert something in them, all have the tendency to electrocute your toddlers. You can hang these wires high or tape them from top to bottom to avoid any mishap. Taping them on a wall behind your furniture may also be a good idea as a toddler cannot move furniture. Cover your unused outlets with tape and try to use the higher ones so that the lower ones are never uncovered. If you have a persistent wiring issue, seek professional help because they can create sparks leading to a house fire and other inconveniences.


Toddlers will pretty much explore everything around the house. No matter how many toys you put in their nursery, a baby will always put ‘exploring the house’ as their top fun-time activity. However, your own home can be dangerous and risky for little toddlers because of some careless objects lying around. You can secure your home by implementing different safety measures. Also, if you have septic tanks in your house, train your kids at an early age on how to use them. Check the present septic tank pumping cost because you will be needing a more than regular inspection. 


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