Helpful Tips for Styling Beard for Black Men

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Do you think that you have tried every single tip or angle to grow/ improve your beard yet still failed? Or are you looking for a cool beard style that will perfectly suit you? Well, you are not alone. 

Beard is something that adds charm to a man’s personality. That is why most men need the best beard products to have better beard hair – just the way they want. You have come to the right place. 

This blog post discusses valuable tips for beard care and cool beard styles for black men. Let’s have a look! 

  •  Trim Your Beard 

Do you ever touch your beard and feel the tip? Well, it happens when you don’t trim the beard for long. As a result, it eventually blunt out to a split. On the other hand, trimming your beard regularly helps maintain the shape of your beard. 

Never forget that the tip of your beard impacts the whole shape of its shaft. Therefore, trimming it on a regular basis gives your beard a spacious room to grow simultaneously. 

Although trimming beard is an old method, it is still quite effective. Regardless of you want to grow your beard hair or maintain the shape of your beard, keeping your beard trimmed will help you achieve beard goals – just the way you want. 

  • Nurture Your Skin

This is the most ignored of the many beard-growing tips for black men. Nurturing the underlying skin ensures a major result in growing a beard, especially among black men. It is proven to be a significant step as it incredibly improves the beard growth. 

Black men are known for having thick beards; as a result most of the nutrients are absorbed by the beard hair. It leaves the skin dry and causes beardruff in some cases.

Not only that, one may even experience flaky and dry skin with itchiness. All these conditions cause prevention of healthy beard growth. It has ten times more severe affects when a beard is thick as a black man’s. So, make sure to nurture the underlying skin to avoid all these problems and have a stylish and healthy beard. 

  • Wash and Moisturize Regularly

Your beard should be cleaned and moisturized on a regular basis no matter how tired or lazy you are. To ensure proper hair growth, this is necessary!

Environmental pollution, such as debris and germs play a major role in decreasing the health of your beard. That is why, be sure to wash your face at least thrice a day to get off of the dust particles and bacteria. 

Apart from that, moisturize your beard and oil your beard two to three times a week. If you are wondering about the products, you don’t have to worry because there are several best beard products are available on the market. 

The real game change is the quality of a product that you apply to your beard. Do not go for any low-quality, non-specialized shampoo or moisturizer for beard. 

The best quality products may be costly but it’s a great investment in the 

Now, follow the directions: Use the shampoo during shower while the moisturizer should be applied after a shower or before trimming your beard.

  • Choose the Right Beard Products for Black Men

This is a self-explanatory tip! Low-quality beard products irritate the underneath skin and clog the pores. 

As a result, the regular distribution of nutrients is disturbed and beard hairs are unable to receive sufficient nutrients which lead to poor beard.  

So, when it comes to choosing the right products, don’t be afraid to be picky and go for the best beard products for black men because they are the most suitable. 

  • A Beard Maintenance Routine that Suits You

One of the biggest mistakes black men make is sticking to an imposed regimen for having a healthy and stylish beard. It is a big no-no for all men! 

Most black men continue to use harmful or ineffective beard-growing formula, which actually prevent the growth of your beard. Most formulations contain products that are harsh and chemical-based. 

Most black men have thick beards naturally, that is why it is important to use beard softening products. To sum it up, beard maintenance routines should be personally studied and observed – once you know what is right for you; choose the right regimen to maintain your beard. 

Popular Beard Styles for Men 

Tired of your regular beard style? It is time to go for a new look! But are you confused which one to go for? Let us help you in choosing the right one!

      1. The Five O’clock Beard 

There is no doubt that this beard style can make any black man look attractive and sexy.

Regardless of the age, almost every black man is looking for the perfect beard style and the five o’clock is one of them.  

When you first look at this style, you may think that it requires little to no maintenance. But don’t be fooled by its look. It actually requires a good amount of maintenance regularly to truly slay this style. 

Make sure to shave the neck and cheek area daily to get the look perfectly. Also, get a good beard oil to give the rest of the facial hair a cool appearance. Don’t forget to trim the beard twice a week to maintain this incredibly sexy beard look. 

      2. The Full Beard 

This beard style used to be one of the most popular ones, and it is back in the game – of course, for good reasons. 

The good news is that what was once trendy is now in fashion again, and this traditional full beard style has been resurgent in recent years.

The best thing about this beard style is it can be pulled off almost on every look. No matter what kind of hair pattern you have, the full beard will just fit in perfectly. 

Be it sculpted or shaped, it goes flawlessly with just any black men face. Moreover, black men with well-coiffed hair would have no trouble pulling off the full beard style.

Also, this is a favorite beard style of those black men who have a thing for vintage beard looks. So, if you love classic look, you should try this one! 

      3. The Carved Beard 

Another popular style among black men is the carved beard. This style lets each individual has his unique style without making a lot of effort. The carved beard style features flawlessly shaped contours that demand expertise to pull it off.  

The cheekbones, goatee, jaw, and mustache are sculpted with a precision trimmer or razor. This look is best for men with thick beard. If you want to achieve this look, then you need to work on your beard on a daily basis. 

      4. The Short Beard 

People may think that the short beard style may not suit a black man as it gets blended with their skin tone. The truth is this is one of the looks that best suits black men and make them irresistible. 

The secret is to let the beard grow for more than three days to pass the sloppy stage. Once the beard is a week longer, it will become more symmetrical and compliment the shape of your face. You will love this look! 


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