6 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Fashionistas That Actually Look Expensive

Most people tend to have that one friend that always looks good, no matter the occasion. Their outfit is usually on-point, not a hair out-of-place, just oozing effortless style. How do they do it?

If anything, these kinds of friends should be used as inspiration and a source of knowledge when it comes to what’s on-trend. But when it comes to buying them a gift, the task may seem intimidating!

For a little inspiration here’s a list of timeless gifts for fashionistas that look good, without breaking the bank…

6 Gifts For Fashionistas Within Your Budget 

Sure, you may want to spoil your fashionista girlfriend, but the monthly budget template you started using just doesn’t allow for it, what’s a girl to do?

Not everyone can afford to splash out on a designer gifts from Gucci, Fendi or Balenciaga’s new track trainer, but there are alternatives that still look the part. Yes, some of these gifts may be knock-offs, but if it still looks chic, then who could really complain?

Here are 6 gift ideas that show you really put some thought into it, without having to take out a loan for the repayments!

1. A Faux Leather Cardholder

There are a number of luxe leather cardholders on the market today from the likes of prized brands such as Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. But if those brands are a little out of your reach, then a faux leather cardholder is a great option, too. Today, faux leather may as well be the real thing as it looks that similar!

Additionally, a cardholder is a little less risky than picking out an entire handbag for someone, in case you miss the mark in terms of style.

2. A Striped Satin Pajama Set

Is there anything more classic and comfortable than a satin pajama set in this world? Probably not.

This makes for an uber-stylish, chic and elegant gift for your fashionista friend. And if you feel like being a little ”extra” you can even have their initials monogrammed on the pajama top!

3. A Massage Beauty Roller

Skincare is a hot topic in today’s beauty world, and we’ve all become acquainted with the benefits of jade rollers for plump, youthful-looking skin.

Take it up a notch with a high-tech version of the jade roller and invest in an uplift massage beauty roller. These are embedded with tourmaline stones which rejuvenate the skin with energy.

If your girlfriend has a penchant for skincare, this is the ultimate gift for her!

4. A Faux-Leather Logo Belt

If you haven’t cottoned on to the leather logo belt trend by now, what rock have you been hiding under? Made popular by none other than Gucci, the leather logo belt is a wardrobe classic.

However, if Gucci just isn’t in your budget range, go for a faux-leather knock-off with gold logo detail, which looks similar. This is a great closet staple which can be used to dress up nearly any outfit.

5. A Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag 

Likewise, with the Gucci leather logo belt, the quilted leather shoulder bag has been made famous by the quintessential brand of sophistication, Chanel.

Chanel may not be in your price range, but a knock-off of this quilted leather bag can be found everywhere. Simply step into your local Zara and find a beautiful knock-off for a fraction of the price.

6. A Burberry Imitation Scarf 

The classic Burberry scarf with its beautiful neutral tones of cream, white, red and navy can be seen around the neck of nearly any fashionista today.

Luckily, there are a number of imitation scarfs on the market which look extremely close to the real thing! Your friend could be none-the-wiser and look ultra-chic this winter…

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