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5 Things You Can Do Today To Secure Your Home

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Your home is your world. Unfortunately, that world is exposed to many potential threats, from natural disasters to burglaries. That’s why it’s vital that you secure your home in any way possible to ensure you and your loved ones are safe. The more secure your home looks like, the less attention it will gain from burglars who want to take your belongings.

To ensure the safety of your home and everything you own in it, start thinking about prevention measures. Don’t just wait until something bad happens to decide to invest in an alarm or video surveillance system. We bring you 5 things you can already do today and increase the level of security in your own home.

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1.   Locking Doors and Windows

This might seem too obvious for you, but how many times have you left your front door unlocked or your ground window opened for just an hour or two? Keep in mind that burglars only needs a few minutes to get into your home, take what they want and leave without your noticing them at all.

Before you leave your home or go to sleep, always make sure you’ve locked all doors and windows. It should also become your habit to lock your doors even when you’re inside your home and not sleeping. You will feel much safer if you start practicing that.

2.   Order a Home Security System

The majority of homes are still not investing in a home security system as they see it as an unnecessary expense. However, once your home has been broken into and all of your valuable possessions are gone, you’ll notice that the price for a home security system is significantly lower than the overall damage.

Don’t wait any longer and order a home security system that fits your budget but will also provide enough security for your entire home. As this is your best defense against burglaries, start researching companies that provide this type of solutions.

3.   Maintain Your Locks

We will often forget to check our locks to see if they are working properly until the last moment. But, locks need maintenance just like any other area of our home. The best thing to do is to install deadbolt locks on your outside doors and the right locks on your sliding doors. Also, if you have a pet in your family, don’t forget to secure their entrances when you are away.

4.   Reduce Shrubbery

Is your home an easy target for burglars? If you have a lot of shrubs, trees or huge plants around your house, that makes your home more attractive to people with bad intentions. Step outside onto the street and see how your house and the entire surrounding looks like. Check for places which could be used by burglars for hiding. Make sure you cut back all the shrubs and trees that are creating such good hiding spots around your home. Once you’re done, there shouldn’t be a place where an adult person could hide on your property.

5.   Install Exterior Lights

You should also consider purchasing exterior lights. They should either be scheduled to work when there is no more daylight or you can buy motion sensor lights which will turn on each time somebody steps foot on your property. As the second options is a bit more expensive than the first one, maybe you’ll want to save your money and simply install basic exterior lights. Both options are fine as they will make burglars move onto the next house that is not so well lighted.

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Your home should be secured way before you experience your first burglary. More importantly, if you secure your home well enough, you can avoid that ugly experience forever! Don’t think of these ideas as unnecessary costs. Instead, think of them into investing in a secure future!





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